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  • trail pics and update

    Hey guys i went out with ORW to big bear.
    trails were awsome, lots of trails are washed out and harder form this past winter. we started at jacoby, made out way to John bull entrance, then made our way through holcomb creek. it was an awsome run. jacoby is washed out, JB entrance is a tad harder and Holcomb creek is a lot harder.
    heres some pics.
    the air down

    out of jacoby and at the mill

    John bull entrance, i didnt see it but the red scout went on 3 wheels up and almost rolled on JB.

    heres holcomb creek, the middle rock garden has water in it and is pretty washed out making it REALLY fun, i bent that stock side step good and put a fat dent in my skid plate woohooo.

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    that looks like some good action! which trail was the most difficult and interesting. How long was your run? thanks for sharing the pics...cant wait to head up there next weekend!
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      well the big boys ran john bull entrance since its the only hard part pretty quick, and then holbcomb creek was interesting both toyotas with us broke there front axles in the rock gardens. everyone else went through with only minor body damage or nothing. of course pictures never do it justice but if your locked and have a good spotter holcomb jeep trail should be no problem. john bull entrance is the hardest but rather short. holcomb creek is a long trail with 2 big rock gardens and other very fun creek crossing and stuff in between. this was from last saturday.

      jacoby is easy with only one small rock section that can be a squeez for a fullsize.

      oh we started at 10am and finished at 7 or 8 pm it only took forever becasue of the 2 broken axle shafts and the winching to get one out and 12 vehicles were with us. if you have a small group6 or less its a good day run.

      oh and bring your bug spray haha mesquitos are out and waiting. especially if you hit holcomb creek
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        I guess I gotta go down Holcomb soon, the pics looked fun, I was kinda hoping to play up on white mountain somemore this years also
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