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Miller 6/12/05


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  • Miller 6/12/05

    Waited till the end to sign up but me and Sully brought the white TJ and the completly refurbished Rubicon /Unlimtted. I armored it up but no time to lift it yet, hopefuly by Rubicon. We have some strong new members that I would love to see on futue runs by virtue of thier experience, attitude and general fit with our active group. We had a 3 hour delay while this fool brought a P.O.S. Siverado in the group ahead. He wouldn't get out of the way , refused help,advice and was ill equipped with recovery gear(no business on that trail and no respect for those helping him). We caught him on the last hill leaving lockwoood valley, turned a great day into a chore waiting to get up that last hill. Trail conditions were easier eccept the last hill was a lot more technical due to shale wich has found its way onto that last climb. Hope you can see these pictures. I just wish it was an H2 Hummer , had the same charactaristics eccept no weight in the back. Same difference.

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    I had fun minus having to buy you a new tail gate.


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      How you smash it?
      “Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way. ”
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        Well as brian put it, it was a great day, perfect weather, and would have been a great run if it hadnt been for the ones in front of us, Everybody in our group were well equipped and great people, I say hello too and thanks for a good run to those i had'nt met before, and hello again and thanks to those I had met before and run with, the run was great.

        I dont have any pics to post as my digital was full from daughters HS grad so only have them on film that my son took..
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          It was nice to have met all who attended. And as 4.2 put it, it was a great day but the trouble started from the begining of the trail once the group in front was on their way the rest of the trip was great. I think it was a total of 15 to 20 rigs that showed up, some from NAXJA, MJR, and RUGGEDJEEP. At the bottom of the frist hill we spit up the big group into two but then wound up combining the two groups at the top of millers. Sorry I didn't get to take any picture. Hope to run or meet up at the trail with you guy another time.

          Joe with the green XJ out.
          Joe Rojas
          1994 Jeep Cherokee


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            Great trip. Speaking for Justin and Nicole (orange CJ7) and myself, we all thought everyone in the group was really nice. This was my first run with some of the members from this board and I could not have had a better time even with the time delay on the trail. Thanks to RoknXJ for starting the thread. I hope that eveyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did and we would be welcomed on the trial with you all again for future runs.

            Brian 4.2... taking your Jeep over that tree was one of the coolest things I've seen on the trail... I would like to see the movie that was taken of it.
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              Thanks everyone I had a great time running and parking on Miller. Thanks Brian4.2 for the crazy tree jump. Cant wait to go on a run with everyone again. The big group was cool had plenty of people to BS with while we were stopped. See ya on the next run.


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                Had a good time on this trip, however the group was a little large and seperated on most of the trail, thus no good photos and hard to assist as tailgunner. I am glad to see everyone got off the trail and if the gentleman in the Diesel LandCruiser is on here, THANKS for assisting the guy in the Silverado(not a POS if he was that far up the trial, not everyone carries Pepboys on the trail, although the shackles left a little to be desired lol ) by pulling up the last part of Miller. I was ready to do it as most were content moving on, leave no man behind, I guess it is the USMC in me.

                Here are some photos:


                For what is worth, trail was the easiest I have seen it in years. Trail is dry though and with all the spinning tires, should be good in a few more weeks. The top of Millers is WAY easier now that most is filled in from the rains.