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  • Pilot rock Loop

    yea, it started out just as a regularday, there I was laying around in the dog yard when I hear the jeep being packed for a run. Ears up. slobber slinging and I started makin sure I was heard.
    Yes, he is bringing me. So it was up the 15 to pilot rock
    We dropped in at the convervation camp and stopped at the staging area where I got a few dozen pets from the kids getting ready to off and quad, They need to learn about jeepin, much easier to scratch fleas while laying in the back. Anyway we start to go up 3n36 and find a nice pile of rocks that wasn't there last year, nothing major just a entrance obsticle to get you primed. The climb up to the top was fun, the rains last winter hammered the area and if you are wider than a jeep, I think you just might not get past some of the holes created by guys getting stuck, but we did, headed over to the lake and were looking at 2n17x, about then some other jeeps showed up so I let them pet my cute mug and got permisson for us to tag along. Did I mention the winter rains yet? that trail always has a few nice areas, but this year those are a little more rutted. infact they made for some fun times, You have to get there soon before the idiots tear it to pieces.
    so we get back to 3n33 run till we get to rock camp, nothing on that trail is really hard, but we took a bypass that was fun. More interesting is the fact that 173 is closed just after you get on pavement and you are forced to go thru Deer Lick with no detour signs. I feel asleep and let dad figure it out, I had visions of bones in the head.
    Anyway it was a nice day, and I got to water quite a few bushes.
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    2n17x is fun in the snow/mud/muck that shows up in the spring........
    olllllllo <--- If you can read that, roll me over!

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      2n17x is in good shape, just some of the ruts are deeper, I was looking up the first set of trails up wondering if I wanted to try it alone, I was about to turn around when a couple of jeeps I knew came along. It was a blast. I think they are going run it in a couple weeks at the big bear fest event.
      Anyway top of 3n33 is in good shape, a few places got hit hard by the rains but nothing really hard Just west of pilot rock some moguls will slow you down a bit. I was planning to check out Willow creek, but by the time I got to 173 it was 4:30 and the wife was getting hungry.
      Next week maybe I will run down Willow and come out behind green Lake. I just need to remember how to get thru Deer Lick with no detour signs.
      They say the T6 crossing bridge is washed out and I want to get down there to get some pictures, but down there I like to have a few others along for safety porposes.
      Anyway, it was a fun day. Barker loved it. Wife got to complain about the dust so you know she was happy.
      And the new Pup got to carve out a spot to sleep in the jeep so she looks like she will be a future Jeep Dag , already has one run under her collar.
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        I didn't stop to take much bet here is a few
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