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Big Bear Saturday 5-21


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  • Big Bear Saturday 5-21

    First, thanks to everyone that came and made a day of it. MJR folks are the best! And they're a bunch of hardcore jeepers! Everyone wanted to take the toughest trail on the mountain: John Bull. So that's exactly what we did.

    The roster:

    Was nice to meet everyone. I know Gary is new to the group too and had not met any of the nice folks of MJR yet.

    Breakfast at Dennys, 8:30, with Nagel, Gary and his wife (Michele?) and I. Met up with Jeri-Lyn and desertjeeper (Luther) over at Fawnskin. Everyone wanted to see 2N84, the proposed adopt-a-trail route. Since the road had just been opened and the view from LITTLE BEAR PEAK are stupendous, that was our first destination. Sure is pretty up there.

    But everyone was itching for some rock crawling with a pent-up-like fever, so we headed out over 3N12 to 3N16 looking for John Bull Trail (3N10). I seemed to recall that WAYWEGOS CLUB (they are the adopt-a-trail club for John Bull) was camping out over the weekend and were going to be doing maintenance on the trail.

    3N12 is a nice meandering road through Holcom Valley and it eventually ties into 3N16. Very pretty with view of the valley and the mine up on the other side.

    We found 3N32 that leads to the trailhead of John Bull. But we took an early spur and realized it was just a group camp area. BTW, would be a cool jeep campout location for a weekend of trail running up there.

    So we headed back out to 3N32 to continue on up to the trail head. But stupid me, I thought everyone understood where we were at and went on up to the trailhead. Unfortunetly, the rest of the group thought we had turned on the wrong trail so they headed back down to 3N16. Nice we had CB's but reception was crappy and when I finally realized they went the wrong way they had already headed out to 3N02 and took the eastern half of John Bull. That's a cool run in iteself! My apologies, now I know I can't assume the group knows where they are!

    So I chased them down over to 3N02 and took the rest of the John Bull trail myself, with an opportunity to try out my new locker. Awesome indeed. We finally met up at the trail head. WAYWEGOS club had Greg Hoffman with them (Forest Sevice supervisor for SBD) so they went on ahead up the trail.

    The MJR group was not to be diswayed and they were ready to make the gnarly trail, so we headed on up without a wimper. Everyone made it through the tough first sections without hardly a spotter. Just ahead of us was one poor guy with another group of jeeps in a basically stock wrangler and man was he draggin bottom! Another guy in a Liberty was doing great and when I passed him I asked him if he had lockers - YUP!! Our group proceeded on up to the top of John Bull Flats and stopped for a brief rest.

    WAYWEGOS was also there and they had been lunching and taking a rest from their duties, but shortly pressed on. They had a pretty good turn out with about 12 rigs. Since we were running out of time for the day (we all had to get back home for other events) we pressed on as well.

    Boy is it pretty up there and the trail is a gas. Gary's wife had not seen a black diamond trail and her eyes were as big as saucers. She couldn't believe what we did with our jeeps for recreation!!

    WAYWEGOS was going to run the trail back and start taking out dead trees, so they pulled off the trail and let us through (thank you!!) and we made it on down without a hitch.

    We said our good-byes and went our seperate ways since half the group was going east and half going back to OC.

    It was a whirlwind trip! But it was really nice to get out there and we all had an incident-free run so that's cool. I had an awesome time and since it was just the second time out on my build-up I was doing a lot of checks. It was a good test of equipment and I made mental notes of things-to-do.

    Thanks again everyone that came. And sorry again for almost losing you all! I had an awesome time and can't wait to get back to Big Bear for some more exploring. I know there were some pics taken, so post them up!

    Happy Trails!

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    Great writeup! Sounds like everyone had a blast, and the minor mishaps just kept it entertaining. Can't wait to see the pics. We'll have to get a big run going after Memorial Day.
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      Any pix???

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        I tried to raise you all on the CB, but no luck... ah well maybe next time.

        Unfortunately my day didn't go as well. My buddy rolled his truck on 3n93.

        That trail has definately changed since last year. It isn't a whole lot harder, there are just a whole lot more off camber sections where the water has gone through. In my friends case, off camber+soft sand = rubber side up.

        Thankfully my friend is fine, and he was able to drive the truck out. Got some great help from a few others that came along on the trail (much appreciated.)
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