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East Carson River Hot Springs


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  • East Carson River Hot Springs

    Want to combine four wheeling with hot springing? Carson, as well as the next two springs, have been used by "river-dippers" for years. But you won't find them on Forest Service maps. Look for these riverbank surprises on the east fork of the Carson River, near Markleeville.

    The beach: Three pools lie just to the right (east) of the river, including a six- to eight-person lower tub lined with a tarp. The water temperature is about 92 degrees. Some visitors camp near the springs. Elevation is about 5,000 feet.

    The crowd: Both clad and unclad visitors frequent the hot springs mostly from raft between May and August. But also accessable by 4x4.

    Problems: Hard to find without a guide, no services available, access limited to May through July.

    Farther downstream from Carson Hot Spring you'll come to some springs on a hill and one that's closer to the river. Skip the ones on the hill; they're too hot (up to 110 degrees). Instead try the big pool next to the riverbank. It's fed by the upper springs, and the water cools down a few degrees on the way down the hill.

    Legal status: Part of the Toiyabe National Forest.

    How to find it: Follow the directions to Carson Hot Spring. The site is about a half mile downstream.

    The beach: Same as at Carson Hot Spring. There's an outhouse near the springs.

    The crowd: Same as at Carson Hot Spring.

    Problems: Same as at Carson Hot Spring.

    This natural "hot shower" is just a mile downstream from River Run Hot Springs. To find it, just pull your raft over on the east fork of the Carson River and follow the stream we describe to a nice, warm soaking pool.

    Legal status: Part of the Toiyabe National Forest.

    How to find it: Same as Carson Hot Spring. A mile downstream from River Run Hot Springs, look for a little turnout on the left (west) side of the river. Follow the stream that starts here about 500 yards up the canyon.

    The beach: The stream will lead you to a warm, spring-fed soaking pool atop a 20-foot-high bank.

    The crowd: Probably just you.

    Two sets of natural hot springs on the East Carson River, far from civilization and requiring either a raft trip or a grueling drive. Both sets of hot springs are on the bank of the East Carson River, and each provides excellent bathing opportunities. Both pools have been dug out of the soil by volunteers and are kept up by continuous digging and placement of rocks as they wash out. Although difficult to reach by car, the hot springs are relatively popular and well-known. During rafting season (May to August) most guided trips stop and visit the springs. The road you take to the springs passes through private property, but to date the landowner has allowed access. Be sure to respect posted s...

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    nice, it sounds good. Nice little write up.