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Exploring Lytle Creek


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  • Exploring Lytle Creek

    Driving Lytle Creek has always been an interesting journey. A person never knows what to expect. The long and storied history of this area leaves one to ponder if such an area is destined to be forever stained with drama. The trails are not all that tough, in fact in many areas a 2 Wheel Drive vehicle can easy negotiate the terrain. A Hardcore Rock Crawler would be bored. So what draws a group of people to an area, where backpackers and hikers have almost entirely abandoned. Due to the illegal drugs, the gang like executions and the loss of personal property (namely tires off of vehicles left at the trailheads). Where Rangers bark out threats and accuse Offroad Clubs of every crime since the Exxon Valdez. What drew us to this area of dubious distinction. It is simple.. To Drive it!

    The trip report is with the pictures

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    Nice photos. You always seem to go on some good trail runs.


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      I live near the area and have explored it extensively, it really is a beautiful place. I can tell you stories about how that guy got stuck and had to be winched, I have had to go wide many times because of someone coming the oppisite way on a trai; barely wide enough for one. My wife will keep her eyes shut and dig nails into my arms untill it is clear. I like the area even with it's problems. Nice write up.
      censored for having an opinion