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Share your tips on finding new trails!!


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  • Share your tips on finding new trails!!

    I live in western Nebraska and have had my CJ7 for about six months. It only took about six minutes to get hooked on jeepin' (GPN). Problem is, I'd like to do some more trail oriented wheelin', but can't find any trails that would not take more than a few hours to get to.

    So I guess there could be two parts to this thread.

    1) How do you go about finding new trails in your area?

    2) Does anyone out there have trail info or resources for the western Nebraska or south western South Dakota area?

    Thanks for your help!!

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    Thats the thing that stinks about the midwest. A gazillion acres of open land, but its all private!
    I'd suggest making some friends with some ranchers.

    Where do you live? I lived in Ogallala for a bit....


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      Where do you live? I lived in Ogallala for a bit....[/QUOTE]

      Small world... I'm in Sutherland.

      My father-in-law raises corn and beef cattle, so I've got places to go "play" - but I'm looking for more of an all-day trail ride kind of resource. I have spent months searching the web and what-not for trail guides or anything of that sort and have come up short.

      Colorado, Utah, Cali, etc. are filled with trail guides. But I can't find a thing for places like the Black Hills of South Dakata (2.5 hours away) or the Scottsbluff area canyons and forests....

      OK enough ranting - sorry

      are there any Jeep clubs in the North Platte/Ogallala area?


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        Ask your local 4x4 shop if they know of any clubs or...even better...wait for it...ask them if they'd be willing to sponsor one!
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          We might be in a bit of a unique situation out here, as we have a lot of open space, BLM, and forest service land. One thing a couple of us do is once we have an idea of where we want to explore, we search on the BLM nad forest service Topo maps (kind that list the land designation) to see how the area is classified, either private/public and if it allows vehicle travel.

          Once we get some info on the area and a general idea of what to expect, we get about 2-4 rigs together for a recon day and just go see what's out there. Many times, it's a bust, the maps are wrong or info incorrect. But other times, we find some cool areas.

          Either way, you get a chance to get out and wheel, see some new sights, and have fun.


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            Small world... I'm in Sutherland.
            No kidding. I lived in Sutherland also (actually the first place I lived in NE).
            On Elm Street. A little 4plex apartment on the east side of town.

            Talk about culture shock.. coming from Los Angeles to a town with 1,000 people!

            Super nice people. I really liked it there.

            I still know some people in Hershey, they are all into the outdoors (work at Cabelas) perhaps they know of some 4 wheelin places you can go where you wont get shot at. I'll ask them.