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People make me sick...


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  • People make me sick...

    So today was the first time I really did a huge, off road adventure that I actually planned and wasn't spur of the moment. I left around noon and didn't get back till around 8, so I got in quite a bit of hiking and jeepin around. Well, Fort Hood reservation does a great job of enforcing the laws and keeping it clean for the wildlife to survive and mother nature to look beautiful, as she should.

    I decide to hit the public trails and just see what I can find as far as lakes and things like that. I went to 7-mile mountains and Ivy Gap mountain..which are great places to go, but I had to hike it up Ivy Gap mountain because my jeep probably couldn't handle it.

    So anyway, i'm doing some trailriding and I come across this abandoned truck, glass broken everywhere, window molding thrown around, everything stripped, basically a frame and the front vin plate or anything. I'm sure i'm not the first to have seen it because there was even more evidence of humans in the area (candy wrappers, soda bottles, beer bottles etc)

    Is it just me, or do people piss you off when they should blatant disregard for the Earth? I know I sound all gay, but I can't stand when people leave their stuff layin around for the outdoor enthusiasts (who would rather be enjoying the time) to pick it up.

    Just when I think i've seen all I can for the day, I round another corner and find a dirty couch, love seat and a damn oven just dumped.

    Is it just me, or are people stupid???

    (sorry for the out-of-nowhere rant)
    The Grim Jeeper

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    Totally agree, some people dont give a shit about other people and public outdoor land. its really a bummer people have to ruin it for the rest of us.
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      Shitty (or shittier) part is that the responsible jeepers and offroaders get blamed for it.
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        So what's Killeen like now a days? I was stationed there for about 3 years, good memories :beer: , had a blast.
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          paulhead: really? The crime rate in Killeen is pretty high, so I tend to stay out of the city. I've only seen a few places where people have dumped lots of things...but pretty much everywhere you'll see a beer bottle or too, unless you are on top of a hill (we still call them mountains down here). It's got some great places to go with a wide variety of stuff to do, mud, rock crawl, creeks to drive through...I just hate when people don't pay the money to take their stuff to a dump. And I really hate taking pictures of scenery and then lookin over at a couch or trash pit...
          The Grim Jeeper


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            That sucks big time. See if you can find out who manages the land so you can report it.

            Lately we have been taking extra garbage bags to haul out trash when we find it, and even carrying a portable crapper.
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