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Miller Jeep Trail


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  • paultyler
    Last I heard, Millers was to be closed up to June.

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  • Old Fart

    Look under Current conditions:

    The following roads are closed to all motor vehicles for resource protection (except snowmobiles) from December 2, 2004 until June 1, 2005:

    Kinkaid Road (Rd. No. 7N13)
    San Emigdio OHV Road (Rd. No.9N34)
    Lockwood Creek Road and spurs (Rd. Nos. 8N12, 8N12.1, 8N12.2)
    Salt Creek Road (Rd. No. 7N53),
    Pleito Creek Road (Rd. No. 9N19A)
    Miller Jeep Road (Rd. No. 8N12.3)
    Tecuya Access Road (Rd. No. 9N22)
    Cottonwood Road (Rd. No. 8N12A)
    Mutau Road and spurs (Rd. Nos. 7N03, 7N03.1, and 7N03.2)
    Caballo Campground Road (9N27A)
    Pine Springs Road (Rd. No. 7N03A)
    West Frazier OHV Road and spur (Rd. Nos. 8N41 and 8N42)
    Sewart Mt. Road (Rd. No. 6N10),
    Frazier Extension Road (Rd. No. 8N24)
    Thorn Meadow Road (Rd. No. 7N03B)
    San Guillermo Road (Rd. No. 7N15)
    Piano Box Loop Road (Rd. No. 7N03C),
    Frazier Mt. Road and spurs (Rd. Nos. 8N04, 8N04.1 and 8N04.2)
    West Frazier Connector Road (Rd. No. 8N04C)
    Half Moon Road (Rd. No. 7N03D)
    West Tecuya Road (Rd. No.9N19)
    Scott Russell Road and spurs (Rd. Nos.9N21.1, 9N21.2 and 9N21.3)
    Alamo Mt. Road (Rd. No. 8N01.3)
    Chuchupate Campground Road (Rd. No. 8N04A)
    Twin Pines (Rd. 8N01B)
    Blue Ridge OHV Road (Rd. No.9N52)
    Camp Marion (Rd. No.9N27)
    Pine Mountain Road (Rd. No.6N06)
    Seymour Road (Rd. No. 8N05)

    Seasonal Trail Closures on the Mt. Pinos Ranger District

    The following trails are closed to all motor vehicles for resource protection (except snowmobiles) from December 2, 2004 until June 1, 2005:

    Whata Trail (Tr. No. 131),
    Snowy Trail (Tr. No. 130),
    Piru Creek Trail (Tr. No. 128),
    Long Dave Valley Trail (Tr. No. 123),
    West Tecuya Trail (Tr. No. 114),
    Goldhill Trail (Tr. No. 124),
    Tecuya Ridge Trail (Tr. No. 117),
    East Frazier Trail (Tr. No. 120),
    Arrastra Trail (Tr. No. 121),
    Tejon Trail (Tr. No. 122), and
    Yellowjacket Trail (Tr, No. 126).

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    You can call the rangers that work at Los Padres NF and ask them if it's closed, and info on other trails. I'm sure a google search should provide all the info to accomplish it.

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  • jermy01
    i went to gorman last weekend to find out it was closed, you might be able to get in through miller jeep trail, but i doubt it

    let me know if you find out tho

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  • Robcherokeexj89
    started a topic Miller Jeep Trail

    Miller Jeep Trail

    Anyone no if it's opened right now? and if there are ne other trails that you can do in Gorman?