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Let's Meet at The BADLANDS on April 2nd,Saturday


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  • Let's Meet at The BADLANDS on April 2nd,Saturday

    EveryOne is welcome to meet at the BADLANDS in Attica,Indiana.

    Just a few of us guys will be meeting there on April the 2nd on a Saturday.

    A few have stock & a few have lifts. We'll be playing around the trails & rocks.
    There will be a few 1st timers going so, we have to take some mild trails in the beginning & work our way though the fun stuff at the end. I'm sure the others with bigger lifts & that are not worried about body damage will be running the Orange & Pink trails. I'll be playing in all the trails & will be playing in the Rocks the most.

    Again, Anyone is welcome to join & meet up with us.
    1st Timers: Have tow hooks in front & rear,
    a CB is nice to have or a portable Walkie Talkie,
    There is a fee to get in the park $20per Rig & $5per passanger
    A flag is also required & can be bought at the office.

    Stock Jeeps & Jeeps with any kinds of Lifts are Welcome.

    Again...We Play at Our Own Risk.

    I'll be the Jeep that won't be missed & easily seen.
    Mines the Yellow "DISNEY" Jeep! WooHoo.

    Hope to see you there & You can contact me at