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HELP, new to the area (Johnson Valley Questions)


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  • HELP, new to the area (Johnson Valley Questions)

    Hello Everyone!! Greetings from Colorado!!
    I was wondering if you all could help me, we are fellow jeepers from western CO and the Moab area. My husband and 3 of his jeepin buddies are on vacation right now at the Hammers. They plan on spending the week there and are on the trail right now. They got some information from someone in the area, that there wasn't enough trails to keep them busy all week? What? They are way excited to be there and want to see some cool trails and new country they haven't seen before. I can't let them come home early, like, Wednesday, they can staty until next sat. (2/26/2005). CA is a beautiful state (and my home state actually (bay area)), so can you help me out? Where are the funnest trails in that area? Our is prepared for pretty much anything, as are the guys, THANKS SO MUCH!!!

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    I meant our jeep was prepared for pretty much anything. We have done most everything in Moab. So, for these guys the more extreme the better. I just want my jeep home in one (or two) pieces.....


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      Theres enough for them to see...Hammers is pretty extreme though, do they have any idea what theyre getting themselves into?

      BTW...WELCOME to MJR


      <edited: I just read the second post I think there's another group headed out there from another forum next weekend...maybe one of the guys that are from both can chime in here>
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        I think so......where can I find maps of the area and what are your favorite trails?


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          Hey, welcome, check out our GPS section ...
          Agreed, the Hammers should give them plenty of entertainment for a while ... there is Fairview Valley, Stoddard Valley, Calico to name a few ... we actually have a few board members at Johnson Valley as we now type! Give me a PM if you need any directions, I'm about 40 miles west of the hammers.
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            Hey thanks. I don't think the guys have GPS, but I will send a PM after i talk to them tonight, maybe they talked to some locals today. it was their first day out. This is the best website & forum, I am impressed. I have been trying to upload a picture of our jeep and have been having problems. I will get some up soon. So, what is your favorite trail? Have you been to Moab? Have a good night!!


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              Cool beans! Thanks for your compliments. Check out the gallery for trail photos. To upload photos, you need to be a subscribed user but there are plenty of free sites that you can upload photos to and remote link.

              Favorite trails? Probably the ones I listed above, plus the Big Bear area. We're actually organizing our 3rd annual Memorial Day Moab trip in the trail rides forum. When do you guys usually head out there?
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                Ihave gps cords for most of the trails out there. Let me know if that would help any.
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