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Gold Mountain 7/19/18


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  • Gold Mountain 7/19/18

    Sorry for the late report...
    Had a good time with Aaron and his cousin & girlfriend from Texas...
    We arrived 20 mins late and didn't have his #. So... We started up the trail. I got to a mud puddle just passed the 1st obstacle , but it had no tracks in it... That's when we realized Aaron hadn't passed through yet...
    My Son & I were considering what to do next when we heard a vehicle coming up the trail. It was Aaron... A nicely built Cherokee.

    Gold Mtn. is one of my favorite trails because it is a scenic trail with 3 or 4 somewhat challenging obstacles (at least for my jeep) and it only takes a short while to do it. leaving time for another trail or heading home to Bar B Q $ swim.

    Aaron informed us he was relocating to Northern California shortly, which was a bummer, He was fun to wheel with! (Not because you did most of the work changing my tire, LOL)
    Once we hooked up we did the trail fairly quickly. I cut a sidewall and we had to change it out.
    Other than that, fairly routine.
    Here are a few shots.

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    Dang, I didn't know Aaron was relocating, that sucks, he was a new active person helping with AAT work. Thanks for the report!
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      I've watched that XJ grow up. Brings a tear to my eye...
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        Looks like a nice trail with great views.Would love to go there also.