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Calico 11 or 12 dec?


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  • Calico 11 or 12 dec?

    Is anyone up for a calico run this weekend 11/12 december? I missed the last run since it was a bit far from the base and am wanting to hit calico if you guys are up for another run. let me know i got a couple people from the base that would probably go aka tonka dave and a few others. Weather is cold but nice down here so the trail will be fine.
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    Are you going to do a day run or spend the night on Saturday? I could possibly do a day run on Saturday.
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      There are going to be quite a few folks from NAXJA,, meeting up at BigBear this Saturday. I haven't been this year so may go up to play in the snow.



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        Day trip more than likely

        Well if we can get a few folks we could do a day run in calico. Not really down with staying the night out there. That or maybe a big bear trip we will see I am told it is 45 miles from barstow. Will have to see if I can come up with the gas money to get up there.
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          so is anyone going to big bear this weekend? I looked on socal's website and could not find a date/time or location everyone is meeting up.
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            I wanted to meet up with you on a run but my weekend is booked with family stuff. Big Bear sounds good too. We'll see.
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              Big Bear Saturday 12/11/04

              Here, I copied the info from NAXJA if anyone is interested going to Big Bear this Saturday. I beleive their maybe some other short wheel base rigs, and som KJs.


              Since the only trails I know is Holcomb Creek, that is what I am running. There is another group of Jeepers going up the same day. Not sure what they are running, but I have been told we can join them. But, I would rather have our own group run. Depends on the number of rigs. I have about 4 confrimed right now.

              Here are the run details:

              This is an informal (not supported) run.

              Required Equipment:
              Solid recovery points front and rear (tow hooks, shackles/d-rings, receivers), first aid kit, fire extinguisher, snatch strap (no chains, no strap with metal hooks), spare tire and all necessary hardware.

              Meeting Place:
              Big Bear Discovery Center (, 8:00 AM

              Planned trails for Saturday:
              Holcomb Creek (3N93) running West to East, enter Holcomb via alternate route 2N06X.

              MAYBE RUN:

              John Bull (3N10) running East to West, bypass (via 3N16) available for those who choose not to run it.

              CB Channel:
              Primary, 4; alternate, 14

              Trail Leader, Saturday:
              Robert Prater (rpratexj) - Inless someone else wants to lead.

              You may to want to get a Forest Adventure Pass, otherwise you may risk getting a ticket. You can buy them in most sporting goods stores or directly from the Big Bear Discovery center, their website is
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