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Octotillo Wells - Cross over trail


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  • Octotillo Wells - Cross over trail

    As I posted some time ago, my daughter and I drove to Yuma for the Thanksgiving holiday. Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we took highway 86 along Salton Sea and found some trails there. We’d never been out there before, so it was pretty cool finding places like Truckhaven, Ocotillo Wells, and so on.

    We did the “Calcite Mine? trail. It was fun, but real short and only took us about 20 min. to run instead of over an hour, as we had been told. Still, it was a neat little run.

    After that, we decided to give “Cross Over Trail? a try. This trail runs north and south and connects Ocotillo Wells with something… I forget what… maybe S22? Anyway, since we were near the north end of the trail, we started there. We found the trail sign near the outhouses, but after that we didn’t find much more. We drove south across the desert for 5 or 6 miles, but never saw another trail sign, or did we see anyone around us. So we decided to turn back.

    Driving home Saturday morning, we decided to take another whack at finding and running Cross Over Trail. This time we were lucky enough to find a ranger who gave us a map and some directions. Armed with the map and our GPS, we were able to find our way across Cross Over Trail. It was a fun trail, with it’s main challenge being staying on it!

    In hindsight, we were lucky to make it across, as my jeep had a broken fuel line… more on that in my other post.


    03 TJ with a few mods.

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    We just came back from down there. We live in San Diego and go to Borrego often in the winter. That area has a ton of trails and lots of interesting runs.
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      Sounds like fun. How long was the drive to get there?
      You'll have to come out for TDS this year, it will be rockin.
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        I'm thinking that we might come down for TDS

        03 TJ with a few mods.