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PVD Isham Canyon - What a ride -


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  • PVD Isham Canyon - What a ride -

    Now that is a great canyon -

    Picts to follow soon -
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    Here is a link to my pics. Unfortunately, I didn't get very far. Broke an upper shock mount (probably from JV 2 weeks prior) and made a little mess of things. Kirk and Eric have some great pics of it. Left the Jeep on the trail and rode with Kirk. Went back afterwards and picked up my Jeep. A little bouncy without shocks but I towed it home just fine.
    1994 Toyota, dual cases, 5.29 axles with ARB's


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      Well, we went to Panamint Valley Days this weekend. Was a nice weekend - didn't rain at all this year.

      Got there Friday, Me and Igofshn ran up Pleasant Canyon to the Clair Camp.
      Lots of stuff still up there.

      Saturday morning the sun rose up on the valley and it looked like it was going to be a rain free day (was a 40% chance of rain).

      Igofhns Jeep in the early morning sun.

      Al dropped something on the trail, left it on the trail and came back for it later.

      Trail Leader Ron got a flat - axles weren't tight and slid against the tire and poped it.

      Mark broke the two rear axles in the Discovery - left it on the trail and came back for it later.

      Some very tight turns on this trail - - Jim79cj7 in the Rubi

      Trail leader Ron leading the way - As you all know, pictures never to a trail justice - This was a tough trail.

      Nailer341 climbing the hill

      The correct angle of approach to get up this thing.

      Jim again.

      More Picts at Pictures
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      1997 Jeep Wrangler


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        Those are some awesome pictures!
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          Christ all mighty Erik! What the hell is that on your face?!?!?!? :confused:

          Looks like a nice run! Sorry I couldnt mak it . . . theres always next year!

          Ya Savvy?

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            We left Panamint a day early due to a upper shock mount broken. Actually, it sheared off the bolt. We came over the first hump there in Jackpot we heard this thump and thought we hit the gas tank skid, but we got to thinking that we're lifted that shouldn't have happened. During our first stop Tom looked down and saw the shock hanging there, so he tried to fix it to no avail. The second stop Tom just took it off!!
            Saturday came for Pleasant Canyon everything was going okay until the CB antenna wouldn't go in!! It was stripped!!! So, we figured since it wouldn't go in and Sean wasn't feeling and I started to feel really sick that we would just pack up and go home. Then found out that we didn't have any money in the bank for gas!!!! :sad: So we called for my sister and mom to meet us in Kramer Junction. What a weekend!!!! However, it was nice to meet New one and TJDave and seeing Erik, Al, Kirk and Jim Also, it was cool to see a Unimog on Jackpot!!! 16 forward gears and top speed of a whopping 34 miles per hour.
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            Glad to be back in California!


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              well, a bunch of us ran the isham trail. what a nice trail that is!
              a few people got their asses handed to them early on. al broke a shock mount and wound up having the whole rear axle invert. that makes a perty picture.

              then later the rover that was in the group broke an axel. then another..
              i got to use my winch rope to help in recovering the rover. it was one of those cool older rovers. nice rig, but just had a touch of bad luck.

              it was great to see all of you out there, and nice to meet the rest of you.

              HERE ARE SOME PICS


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                Nth Degree is sending me new redesigned shock mounts (free). Great customer service.
                1994 Toyota, dual cases, 5.29 axles with ARB's


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                  Originally posted by igofshn
                  Nth Degree is sending me new redesigned shock mounts (free). Great customer service.
                  What about them was redesigned and why did they break? Weld problem?

                  Just concerned as I got rid of my OEMs to go with the Nth Degree for the Dana 44s
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                  2003 TJ Rubicon: 4.5" OME coils; RE SF2; NthDegree TT/oilpan skid/shock shifters; FXD rock rails; Anti-Rock; 5150'


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                    fun fun fun

                    and you guys thought i was afraid to wheel the sissy jeep ! sure was a nice run , got a little carnage on the front fender and rear flare , and even busted the brake light filament on the left rear taillight ( DAMN ) still got the biggest kick out of the trail end ( gunner ) binging the scout up the trail though . that scout is one giant nerf bar !

                    JIM :{>


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                      They are a stronger bracket. I'll post a pic of the old and new. They said it failed becasue my bump stops weren't long enough. ???? I am taking their advice and changeing how the rear bump stops are. Going with some on top and on the bottom. I'll have about 4" of bump stop. They did warranty the brackets and were very helpful. They have great customer service.
                      1994 Toyota, dual cases, 5.29 axles with ARB's