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Barstow Trail Surveying: Sept. 24


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  • Barstow Trail Surveying: Sept. 24

    Barstow 4 Wheelers, the club I belong to are doing this run and with me being the president I'm inviteing all to join us. Sorry for the short notice and can't do anything about the date also.

    The BLM has opened a new corridor and wants our club to explore, name and map the sections. I understand its 2 roads that don't meet and they want us to break new ground to make them meet. Our findings will be published not only in the newspapers but in the 4x4 magazines and the BLM newsletters.

    When: Friday Sept 24th, 2004
    Meet: Wal-Mart Parking Lot by the gas station.
    Leave: 8 AM. We'll caravan out to Shoshone and meet Brad from the BLM office there,
    Bring: Tow Strap, Sack lunch, snacks, water, camera, and probably a jacket. Its going to be a LONG day.

    ****We need vehicles with wenches, we understand there is a hill we might have to challenge.****

    For more information contact, Cap (760) 253-7560, or Rick/Pat (760) 253-4596.
    There are perks for being first. I was in Shoshone -
    Tecopa this last weekend and a few business owners
    want to sweeten the offer. Steve, the owner of
    Delight's Hot Spa in Tecopa, will comp all members
    that make the trip that day. That means a free soak
    in his world class hot springs. He is also offering a
    reduced night stay for $50 with unlimited soaking. In
    return, he wants photos of the jeeps that make the run
    out in front of his business. He sees this as a great
    marketing opportunity, and a good way to promote
    responsible 4 wheeling.

    Cynthia, the owner of the Ranch House Inn Bed &
    Breakfast, is offering free beer and stew to the same
    group, after the hot spa. Her place is located on the
    China Ranch in Tecopa. She also wants photos of the
    group at her place. Both businesses are a short drive
    east of Highway 127, south of Shoshone. They are just
    a little out of the way on the return trip.

    But there is more, you guys are in demand. Inyo
    County has hired a marketing firm to promote tourism
    in their area. The contracted marketing firm also
    wants a copy of the story and trip photos. They want
    to use your trip to promote 4-wheeling in Eastern Inyo
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    That sounds wicked! Good luck to you guys and look forward to seeing what you come up with. I gotta work
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      What are the trail conditions? Is lockers must? What about jeeps without winch? If you can give some trail rating, that would help!


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        There is no trail we have to make our own and map it and name it ect. lockers and winches are just a plus from what I'm told most of our club member don't have them that is why we are looking for one that do just in case.
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          Let us know what happens with that. Thats sounds like so much fun, and super interesting to do. Good Luck with that guys
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            Can't make it on a weekday but it sounds like my kind of wheeling. I'm looking forward to following the route you carve out up there. Good luck with that!
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              Well the run went alright it wan't what I expected it was way to easy!! you could do it in 2 wheel drive with a locker. The trail is still incomeplete there is a section about 600 feet that is impasable by vehicle. According to our guy from BLM who was with us the two trais are suppose to meet right where the impasable section is you can see the other trail it's just like 600 feet down a 75% grade with a mine shaft in the middle. But the plan is to make the two trails meet so plans are in the works to make the trails meet by either some blasting to reduce the grade and installing some winch point along the hill or getting s dozer up there to cut away the grade some it is open for Ideas. Our guy from BLM says there is a lot of money avaible to do what ever we want the only problem is we ahve to stay in a 90 foot wide section. I opted to go around the 600x90 section It would make a good trail section but the rest of it is like flat and boaring. the trail head is like 6 miles past Shoshone on 127. I should of pulled off and played at Dumont dunes we drove right past it! I only took like 3 pictures because there was nothing realy to see.
              75 blazer + 81 CJ-7 + 90 Wrangler = Tonka Jeep Dave


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                SWEEET!! Now maybe we can convince more of you guys to go to the dunes with us.
                Sounds like we'll have to make the trail harder though ... are you guys allowed to do that?

                How was the hot tub soak? And the free stew?
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