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Miller Jeep Trail 9-18 Saturday night


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  • Miller Jeep Trail 9-18 Saturday night

    Well, we hit the Miller trail Saturday night. Met at the Flying J at about 9:00 and head off to the trails. There was suspsoed to be another group that left around 7:00. Well was just me, Jim and Robert. Was pretty cold untill you hit the trail, then the wind was gone and it was pretty nice out.

    We did most of the trail and found one guy from the other goup, no one showed from his group but him. We finished the trail with just the 3 rigs.

    The trail has some pretty good changes in it. Some of the areas are a little harder and more dug out. Much better, Kabob hill was much easier than before.

    After we finished the trail we messed around at the 4x4 practice area and had a blast.

    Got back home at 4:38 in the morning. Almost rolled the jeep in the dried up mud pit.

    The ARB's are great, they worked perfectly,

    1997 Jeep Wrangler