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A Tour of Superstition Mtn OHV


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  • Trail Report: A Tour of Superstition Mtn OHV

    Many of you have encouraged me over the years to start sharing my trail information. I am experimenting with the idea, but instead of a book, I think that a video collection might be an easier answer.

    I know that I REALLY need to improve my skills at this sort of video, but I am going to share my first attempt. I would love to have your feedback on better ways to do this, so please share if you have suggestions.

    This is my first go at it:

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    Very well done!
    Hav'n you along, is like loose'n 2 good men....


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      I definitely enjoyed the video. I joined sd 4 wheelers on their annual superstition mountain run and ended up doing the wishbone run. We started on black cat, did 4 or 5 random wishbones, broken mirror and I believe scorpion, of course somehow ending at the sand dam. Anyway in preparation for that trip I noticed their were almost no videos for Superstition mountain, among the few was an old one by you with mjr Anyways my only critique of the video is if you are trying to steer towards a more professional look a tripod goes a long way. The narration was good: well spoken and an informative tone. Seriously though a video log on rock crawling Superstition just isn't out there so you are definitely on to something. Great work!


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        Nice video. Have never been there....but hope to make it some day.


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          Nice, 15 minutes from my house.
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