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Superstition Mountain Jan 12-14


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  • Trail Report: Superstition Mountain Jan 12-14

    Took my first trip to Superstition Mountain last weekend and had a blast. San Diego 4 wheelers we're hosting their 20th annual Superstition Mountain run and figuring I wouldn't be down there again anytime soon I signed up for the Wishbone run which covered broken arrow, broken mirror, scorpion, and a hand full of the 9 wishbone trails. I was a little worried at first but after the first two drop downs into broken Arrow the jeep was unscaved and felt confident in the rest of the day. On top of the great day of wheeling the Blue Angels were training overhead all morning long so the blue sky you see through the narrow passages on the trail was graced with an epic fighter jets air show. Anyways I thought I'd try and post some fresh pictures up, such that they are...

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    Hopefully those image links are clickable. I haven't quite figured out this post Photobucket world.


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      Passed the click test. Looks like a lot of fun.
      God forgives, rocks don't
      -sons of thunder


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        Wow Aaron, that looks fun. I would love to try it... I would need a Jeep with a winch in front of me,(just in case)


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          They have different run groups for all levels of build. They do it every year too. Had fun on gold mountain thanks again for putting that together. I had no idea my cousin had plans in the afternoon so I apologise. I really wanted to do John Bull.