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Jeep run August 19th


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  • Trail Report: Jeep run August 19th

    Scott TJ, Carlos Landcruiser, and I in my LJ met up with Travis and Sarah in Arrowhead for breakfast. The four of us hit Dishpan, and knocked it out within an hour. We headed off to Holchom creek trail, and all walked right thru the gate keeper. I think crawling over rocks was new to Travis, but he followed our example and did real good. We stopped for lunch on the east end of 3N93, then headed off to John Bull. When we got to John bull we had to wait for another 4 Jk's that evidently were new to rock crawlin. It took then about an hour to clear the gate keeper. Once they were thru, Scotty led us thru the gate keeper with no problem. Travis was having problems with the air lines on A R B's, so he was running open axles. We caught up to the other group and they were parked waiting to watch us go thru the hardest part of the trail. The JK's took the easy line on the right. Scotty went first and took the harder line on the left, and then went thru the V-notch. Carlos folled Scott's line and had a little difficulty, but Scotty guided him up. 400 horses under the hood got everybody's attention. Travis took the line on the right because his lockers weren't working. Now everybody was watching me, with my 33 inch tires. Everybody else had 37's. The JK group couldn't believe that I went for the harder line on the left. They were betting that I couldn't do it on 33's. Up I come and when I got to the V-notch, all eyes were on me. I slipped off the rock and had to back up and start again. Up I came with a standing ovation. I was laughing all the way to the top. We finished John Bull around 4 o clock so it was time to head home. Travis and Sarah were really nice people and we enjoyed their company. Their handle is Lost but never stuck. Good people to hang with. Kevin. No pictures