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Wildomar OHV Park Maintenance


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  • Wildomar OHV Park Maintenance

    If youve been looking to volunteer your time and get involved in something fun, Wildomar OHV may be just what youre looking for. They are having a barbeque and drawing if you get involved too...

    This weekend volunteers begin to do some trail maintenance and the kids get to clear low hanging trees to make room for picnic tables. There are benefits to getting involved other then the obvious feeling you get...ask me about them

    You can find out more information here

    This may be a good shake down for those of you that need to try out new stuff for the upcoming Rubicon trip Wildomar OHV is in the Cleveland National Forest above Lake Elsinore.

    And as CJ Stewart would say...(shes the fireball of a woman organizing the restoration of Wildomar OHV)...

    "Pick up the pace...and I dont mean picante!"
    2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
    Rock-ItMan all the way around

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    Wildomar OHV Monster BBQ and Volunteers day.

    thank you Sara for putting up that post. I sent another one earlier today with a few more facts. Have your members go to it for us please. We estimate that we will have 75 folks for lunch.
    Ms. C. J. Stewart
    Executive Director, Cleveland National Forest Off Highway Volunteers Association, CNFOHVA OHV Hotline, 909-609-1480