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4/25/4 Big Bear Run


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  • 4/25/4 Big Bear Run

    Big Bear Run 4/25/4

    The Missus and I are tired.

    In addition to us, Tommy, Tito, Antoinette, and little Matthew joined us for the ride.

    Rick drove the maiden voyage of the BellyScraper. Several undercarriage ouchies and a flare gouge later, Rick calls the BellyScraper officially his.

    We earned 4x4 Karma points by rescuing a 15yo boy and his truck on Lower Largo Flats. You see, his pop got the Ranger good and high-centered on the passenger rocker panel and rear differential. Thanks, Dad! Dad (Victor) learned that it's always best to drive ON the rocks than through them!

    Never underestimate the utility of a simple bottle jack in extricating a vehicle that is stuck!

    After driving Victor and his son to 3N16, we stopped in Arrowbear to finish airing up. Rick had smoked 2(!!) 20 amp fuses using the TruckAir compressor. Well, as we aired up we heard a screeching sound. We looked up to see an aquamarine Probe swerving out of control, cross the median, spin 180 into oncoming traffic and hit a telephone pole. The rear bumper made a 90 degree angle. Too tired to pull out the video cam, we watched all three passengers crawl out of the vehicle with open containers in hand to check out the blown front driver side tire. The smartest thinking fella took the cans and hucked them over the embankment behind the coin-op car wash. If they hadn't spun 180, they'd be dead. If there had been traffic coming the other way, those drivers would be dead.

    Fortunately, everybody made it safe and sound. Rick's sinuses didn't make too much of a fuss either.

    More details on the trip to follow, also with video and pix.
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    Awsome, glad to hear Rick got the Jeep out for once! Get them pics and video up asap!
    89' XJ, lifted, locked, exo caged.


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      Didn't think anyone still had a TruckAir

      Glad y'all had a good time, I was thinking of you guys when I was on my rear slope in the 100+ heat
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        I was planning on going, but an OIL SPOT on the driveway said otherwise! Spending today trying to fix it!
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          While you were out having fun I was stuck on the Carl Vinson send birds off the boat. Ugh! Will I ever get a break!
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            Sounds like a good time - and some good action! Glad everyone was safe, on the trail and off.
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              So were are the picture?!?!
              89' XJ, lifted, locked, exo caged.