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    this is a good thing guys, and the main org. behind it has learned the value of the OHV crowd. I took group leader training this year and some of the green crowd was knocking Motorcylist, when the 2 main people from Tree People gave them an education on how much the forest service depends on the OHV crowd, She then had people who were involved with AAT and OHV Patrol raise their hands and about 1/3 of the class did. Shut up the greenies fast. This ORG. truly appreciates our efforts and it is a way to show the other side we are truly stewards of the land.
    I encourage everyone to go.
    and as a bonus to MJR, one of the targeted areas this year is the area of Little bear peak, our first AAt Trail and one we would be working if it had not burned.
    SO we need to participate and get one of our trails replanted so we can say we helped to replant the land around our AAT.
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      Had a good day out there Saturday, got quite a few trees in the ground. It was amazing to see the Americorps show up in force and march off in fashion to a section to plant.
      We hit up an area behind Lake Arrowhead to replant some of the areas planted last year and fill in the areas some did not take well.
      Next week we will start in the Big Bear area working the area around butler peak to Little bear peak, I do not know how close to Little Bear Peak we will be but we have close to 250,000 trees to plant in that area.
      This will help to get the area reopened faster and MJRs first AdoptATrail is in this area so it would be nice to see a show of force.
      I mentioned MJR to one of the guys in charge and he was excited to hear because a few guys had worked with them last year and they represented MJR very well. They would love to see more members of the site out there.
      Guys this is a win win situation.
      As aside note, had a member of our group discussing REI where they got their boots, we were close enough to Arrowhead that I had cell service so I whipped out my Droid and showed them on the REI website where they represent themselves to be pro Wilderness and anti motorized access and that couple said they would not shop there anymore, I love being so proactive.
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        I thought they were not planting till May? That's what the e-mail I got said. I'm looking forward to working around Fawnskin. I marked the spots that I planted last year with my GPS. I'd be qurious to go check them out to see how they are doing now.
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          Yesterday was the first planting, and they are going onto the Fawnskin area next week if the weather is good. err more snow melt.
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