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Woodpecker, AZ Sat 4/3/04


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  • Woodpecker, AZ Sat 4/3/04

    Alright, ArizonTJ, Goodtimes and anyone else in Arizona or willing to take a drive...

    Where: Florence Junction, AZ
    What: [COLOR=red]WOODPECKER[/COLOR] rating 3.5-4
    When: April 3, (Saturday)
    Who: Anyone who can make it
    How: Lift and lockers recommended.

    Been out of town a lot, should be around a lot more now and posting more runs. Come out and wheel!

    35" MTRs, Ox Lockers, bellyup, cage, stuff + things... blah, blah, blah . <><

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    Upper Woodpecker is a fun trail. A stock jeep will be OK on it as long as it has some rocker protection and the driver knows what he/she is doing (those with less than full width axles will obviously bypass fire-hole--I'll say that again--BYPASS FIRE HOLE--it got it's name from the first 3 rigs that tried it, they fell in and caught on fire--you really do need close to a 77 or 78" track width on that one). That is the only optional obstical that I have not done on the trail. The trail can take less than an hour to run, or it can take all day, all depends on the rigs and their drivers. It is generally wide enough to get around broken rigs that are in the middle of the trail though, so if the group in front of you breaks down, you are not stuck behind them. If you get done early, you can take a left on the way out and hit upper ajax (not in the wells or massey books). When you come back to Mineral Mountain road and turn right to head back to the staging area, look down and to your left...there will be a rusted out water tank and some other old mining related junk, that is the start of upper ajax, turn and head up for the fun stuff (8 major obsticals, trail is rated 4.5), turn right and head down for lower ajax for a milder run (many optional obsticals, trail rated 3.0 - 3.5). Optional exit is through box canyon. To do that, simply "miss" the right turn onto Cottonwood canyon road (back to staging area), and keep on going strait. Make a right at the first Y, and again at the second (left at the second takes you to Martinez), it will eventually dump you out at Price road, just north of Florence. Air is available in Florence at the Chevron station (free, and a good compressor to boot).

    All that said, I am unfortunately working that weekend. I won't be able to hit the trails again for another 5 weeks.....too many plans already in place. Have fun!
    olllllllo <--- If you can read that, roll me over!

    Price is soon forgotton, quality is not.



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      Sorry about the late response on this one.
      Unfortuatly I will be working that weekend as well.
      I don't think I will have a free weekend until may 22nd.
      Shoot! thats two now.

      .(0IIII0). - 98 TJ, 3"Tera,33" M/Ts