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  • SoCal Forest Info / Adventure Pass

    San Bernardino Forest Info Shortcuts:

    Forest service news:

    San Bernardino Nat'l Forest Homepage:

    CA DOT Road Closures: 800/427-ROAD

    Big Bear Info, Camping Reservations: 877/444-6777

    Big Bear Ranger Station: 909/866-3437, North Shore Dr., Hwy. 38, Fawnskin, 92333
    Arrowhead Ranger Station: 909/382-2782, 28104 Hwy. 18, Skyforest, 92385

    National Weather Service for BB Lake:

    Vehicle Access in the Forests:

    The National Forest Adventure Pass is required for vehicles parked on National Forest land for recreation. Bicyclists, visitors walking onto the Forest from adjacent lands, and sightseers driving through the forest without parking may all enjoy their National Forests without purchasing a pass.

    You can get a $5 daily pass. The pass covers all occupants of the vehicle. The annual Adventure Pass ($30) or the Golden Eagle Passport ($65) may be purchased by mail or phone. You may also purchase a secondary vehicle sticker with your purchase of either of the above products for an extra $5.

    There are also many local vendors in and around the forests that sell the passes, you just have to watch for them.

    Get your National Forest Adventure Pass
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    If you get the adventure pass you can get one additional sticker for $5.00 for your other car.
    Also they don't stick very well, better to hang em on the mirror.

    P.S. don't be cheap- it supports the rangers!!!
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      Cool ,
      When did they start the Second Vehicle sticker thing ? pretty cool for those of us with 2 jeeps !!

      JIM :{>


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        Second Sticker

        The forest service started the second sticker program sometime last year. The idea is that if you tow your Jeep up to the mountains you will need a sticker on both your tow vehicle and your Jeep.

        If you drive up then you and your buddy can get together and save some cash.


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          i need one of those stickers tooo. not that i have ever had a problem without it

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            Forest stickers? You need stickers to go to the forest!!! woah, the only passes we have up here is to get onto the lakes in the valley, everything else is free to go to.
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              you need them, but you don't. we've only been "caught" not having one once, and we weren't even stopping so it didn't matter. it seems as more of a way to just help out for using the land.
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                The Forest Adventure Pass is only required if you stop and "recreate". If you are just driving on forest roads then you do not need it. If you stop for lunch and a ranger comes by he could site you. The funds collected from the passes helps supplement the state funds for maintaining the forest.

                There are rangers that patrol the forest looking for passes and their wages are paid from the pass money. The best bet is to get an annual pass for $30.00. With the annual pass you can get an additional annual pass for $5.00. The intent is to allow you to have a pass on your tow vehicle as well as your off-road vehicle. If you drive your vehicle to the forest then you and a friend can go in together to split the cost.

                P.S. The daily pass is $5.00, If you get sited for not having a pass you need only to purchase a daily pass and mail it in to prove you purchased one. Also, the last Saturday of each month is a "Free" day. This was done to insure that low income families can still enjoy the forest.
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                  very informative, mikey. do you work for the forest service?

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                    I don't work for the forest service but I am a volunteer for the forest service. The San Bernardino National Forest Association has a OHV program that helps educiate off-roaders in the the sport of off-roading as well as help the forest service patrol the back roads.

                    See this web page -


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                      well.. you know.. if someone had a scanner and a access to a sticker-printer.. wait.. do we know anyone like that????

                      frankly.. the adventure pass is a ripoff.. we already pay for all NFS funding through our fed taxes.. would take almost nothing to double the NFS's budget through congress.. it's already been overturned as illegal taxation by one federal judge. It's also only really in a 'trial' period in the Southern California National forest regions anyway to my knowledge.. maybe one or two other national forests outside the area are experimenting with it..

                      now.. i did buy one, and i didnt see any real improvement in services in my area of the nat. forest.. just closures. The only real benefit i see to owning a adventure pass is not having to deal with the 'iron ranger' at pay campsites.
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                        Originally posted by EvilPsych
                        frankly.. the adventure pass is a ripoff.. we already pay for all NFS funding through our fed taxes..
                        Unfortunately, most of our taxes go to pay for stupid research (which ketsup is runnier), foreign dictators who have something our corporations want, weapons to keep said dictators in line and raises for Congress.

                        Rare does a tax dollar go toward something that is helpful (healthcare, daycare or libraries) or beautiful (our forests and wild areas).

                        The rangers are doing the best they can with what little is given to them.