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Moab needs your help!


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  • Moab needs your help!

    One of the Enviromentalist groups is trying to close down moab to OHV use. Please visit the link and share your voice!;f=1;t=011725
    Otherwise we might lose Moab...ALL of it.

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    Thank you Sully for posting this. I contacted the BLM and gave them my thoughts on it, I think all of you should as well.

    Please read the link.
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      huh. what did you say chris?
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        i think i might say something like this -- anything else to add?

        dear mr. blm man, (lol)
        please don't close any moab trails! we visited moab this past labor day from apple valley, ca, and we plan to make it an annual trip. the trails took us through the most striking and beautiful scenery i've ever witnessed. the city was alive with 4x4s and wonderful people -- including the motels, campgrounds, restaurants and service stations. it's a four-wheeler's dream city, not to mention the countless mountain bikers, boaters, base jumpers and of course residents. please think twice before considering any closures, it will hurt more than just the four-wheelers, and i'm sure there must be a compromise.
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          Ok, my two cents worth is in there. I added the fact that taking away the access to 4 wheelers will kill the local economy and put those poor people on the dole at taxpayer expense.

          Just a thought to add if you want.


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            Moab closing?

            I've yet to drive or ride there ( MTBers love the place to ), and I don't want to see it closed. So I posted a comment urging them to keep the area open to ALL users.
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              I gave them a rough estimate of what I spend each year, in Moab, and how many people are usually in the group that I wheel with. I also asked that they not make a hasty decision, and to try to work with all the groups that go to Moab for various differing reasons. Hope it helps. Moab is a tourist driven economy, and they must remember that without tourists, this town would die.


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                That's basically what I said. I added the caveat that when the town does die the people usually end up on public assistance at taxpayer expense. They go from being taxpayers to being taxpayer dependant. Not a wise move in this economy.


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                  I don't understand what posseses someone to be an environmentalist. Some guy actually carved "F*** YOU, POLLUTER" into the hood of my Bronco II! burns no oil, doesn't smoke, gets 20 MPG... WTF?

                  I also think one of the many reasons I vote republican is the democratic party seems (to me) to be more sympathetic towards environmentalists that don't want people to step off the sidewalk so that the earthworms and microscopic organisms can have a better quality of life than we do.
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