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Clubs can earn $200 per day


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  • Clubs can earn $200 per day


    The Wine Country Rock Crawlers, in cooperation with the California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs’ Conservation & Education Foundation, is offering clubs up to $200 per day to assist with conducting oil recycling surveys at popular four-wheel drive and other off-highway vehicle trailheads.

    The trailhead outreach is part of a two-year public education grant that has been awarded to the Foundation by the California Integrated Waste Management Board. The public awareness program is designed to educate four-wheel drive enthusiasts about the importance of sound preventive maintenance, recycling oil and filters at proper locations and learning responsible techniques for cleaning up oil and other fluids that might leak out on the trail.

    "We have found that catching people when they are getting ready to hit the trail is the best time to ask them is they would like to answer a few questions on our survey," said Steve Sampson, coordinator for the Trailhead Outreach Program. "In addition to participating in this important survey, participants will also receive a goodie bag of gifts for doing it on the spot."

    Sampson said that the survey only requires a few club members and usually only a few hours to get the required number of surveys. He said that clubs would receive up to $200 for their efforts and there are a total of 250 workdays available during the two-year period of the grant.

    Here’s How It Works!

    Simply contact Steve Sampson and he will immediately send one goodie bag and all of the necessary paperwork. Up to four trailhead outreach days can be scheduled at one time.

    "Find a popular trailhead where you think you can get 20 vehicles surveyed in a four-hour period," Sampson said. "You may want to check with the local land manager for that trail just to ensure there are no problems with your club conducting the survey. We want to survey as many different trailheads as possible, so we may have to limit clubs from using the same location if that particular area is surveyed too often."

    Sampson said the he would like to have clubs survey at least 20 people each day. Ideally, one person from each vehicle would be surveyed. "We will send you 20 goodie bags to hand out for that day that will include useful items for do-it-yourselfers such as tire gauges, funnels and shop rags," he explained.

    For more information on the trailhead outreach program and find out how your club receives money and how much, contact Steve Sampson at 707/542-1838 (work) or 707/823-9610 or email
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