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Rubicon Trail Work Project


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  • Rubicon Trail Work Project

    It seems like a majority of users on this board are from the Southern end of the state. It makes a long and not so practical trip for many of you but thought I would spread the word just the same.

    We all know that the Gatekeeper as we remember it was blasted last fall. Nothing we can do to change that fact. Prior to the blasting the Gatekeeper area had a drainage issue. A work party was in the planning stage after the blasting to help remedy the drainage issues but was canceled following some heavy snowfall and lack of time to coordinate a delivery of rock from the Eldorado County DOT. The drainage issue at the Gatekeeper still needs to be addressed before this years wheeling season begins in earnest.

    There is a Gatekeeper project being planned with a tentative date of June 3rd based on snow conditions. The final decision on a date for the project will be determined by the 20th to give a 2 week led time for those volunteers needing to schedule in advance. In the event that snow conditions are prohibitive to the work project it will be rescheduled to June 24 which is a regularly scheduled FOTR work weekend.

    Current plans are to fill the right side of the first corner with large rocks.
    Fill the area South of the Alligator Pit with large rocks.
    Rebuild the log barriers and pungie sticks.
    Make sure the water flows into the pit and across the trail.

    Addressing the drainage issues is our number one priority. With enough time and able bodies blocking off the alternate route onto the slab that goes through the trees would be a bonus.

    We have a commitment from the Eldorado County DOT for a supply of rock for the project. The delivery location of the rock hasn't been finalized yet but plans are to have it available in the vicinity of the spillway.

    We need volunteers and tools for this project.

    In addition if there is anybody with a trailer available to haul rock from the spillway area to the Gatekeeper your services are requested.

    This project mandates the use of trailers to haul rock the short distance from the spillway. Without the trailers it's not going to be practical to accomplish this work project.

    For additional information on how you can help with this project post up or send me an email at

    Robert Lightfoot
    Dixon, Ca