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Caution, Eco terrorists target popular trails


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  • Caution, Eco terrorists target popular trails

    This is a big problem around here, if you wheel logging roads especially, here's a few things to watch out for:

    Water filled ruts, pieces of pipe with nails welded to them have been found in these ruts.

    Cables stretched between trees blocking the trail

    PIPE BOMBS Usually on access gates, set to go off when the gate is open.

    If you spot any of these traps, call the authorities immediately, this kind of thing is getting more common, if you spot people planting these devices, assume they arre armed, call the sheriff, and get away, they have no regard for human life, and in some cases will attack people who interfere.

    If this has been posted, or is posted in the wrong place, my bad, fwwl free to move/remove it.

    Be safe out there.

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    Hmmm where was that post on being armed on the trail??
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      Have you heard of any trails in particular? Just curious.
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        Originally posted by skates04
        Hmmm where was that post on being armed on the trail??
        Thats asking for trouble!
        Ya Savvy?

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          Thats asking for trouble!
          Hey Im a marine what do you expect?? Plus I just spent the last 7 days on the rifle range. Shooting and hearing all the grunts talk about Iraq. Lots of good stories!!
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            Have you heard of any trails in particular? Just curious.
            No specific trails, most of this is aimed at loggers, but we share a lot of access roads with them, so we all run the risk of being a victim, I'll see if I can dig up some stories in the news and post them here.


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              copy and paste from pavment sucks:
              Subject: Re:

              This occurred April 12, 2004. We had a small red metal container with
              a sticker saying "oxygen" left in a campground. [It was about the
              size of hand held propane bottles that are used with a torch
              attachment in sweat fitting copper pipe]. It had a faulty 12 inch
              long cannon or hobby type fuse that had been inserted into the top of
              the bottle and secured with silicon. Ventura County Bomb disposal
              disarmed it with a remote device. It was filled with black powder and
              a Potassium Nitrate powder amendment. Oxygen bottles usually are
              marked with green paint so this was unusual on more than one point.

              Tom Tanner
              Hungry Valley SVRA

              To all who recreate or travel on public land:
              Please notify your companions and post on web sites.
              Joni M.

              ************************************************** **********************

              This is from the web page of the Pacific NW 4 Wheel Drive a$$ociation.

              Motorized Recreation
              This is IMPORTANT:

              Information from the BLM on a pipe bomb that was found at a gate. We
              have gotten more details. It was an 8-inch long, 2-inch diameter
              heavy-schedule PVC pipe. It was attached to a Swanson gate in
              Douglas County. When the bomb squad sprayed it with a water canon,
              it exploded. It had a mercury switch inside that detonated with

              In addition, a small, gunpowder-filled bomb with a fuse was found in
              Clackamas County. It was made out of PVC also, with two caps threaded
              onto a double-ended female connector.

              If you see something that doesn't look right, leave it alone. Nothing
              more then terrorism being used to push a very radical agenda. Don't
              become a victim. Be alert. Pass on to your riding buddies.

              Robert M Haggerty
              Supervisory Ranger
              El Centro Field Office
              There are a couple, they're old links, but still relavent, as these nutjobs are still out there.
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                Hmmm where was that post on being armed on the trail??
                I always bring 2 arms with my on the trail...

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                  I hope to catch some of these a$$holes doing this some day. Maybe our hours spent in the forest this summer will pay off
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                    I am bringing my baseball bat.


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                      I see no difference between the eco-terrorists planting bombs or burning down an multi-million dollar housing project, and the terrorists that flew 2 airliners into the World Trade Center, 1 Airliner into the Pentagon, and 1 Airliner into a field, killing thousands of innocent Americans on September 11th, 2001. Or have you forgotten??

                      Standing up for something you believe in requires you to get involved in ways you may not always like. Sometimes, you have to make stand and fight the evils of eco-nazi-terrorism.
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                        standing to fight and killing and maiming inocent people ae 2 different things
                        using bombs to scare people off of trails is as bad as 911, however I find it worse, you are killing for the reason of wanting a area left alone, not for a so called religous or national concern.
                        Eco terrorism is a bottom of the heap slime. you are using terrorist means to stop people from enjoying what nature put on this earth. with no thought of anything except that your veiws against anyone are best. I can at least give a defense that national terrorism is for an people or race.
                        I in no way defend any terrorism at all, infact the thought of wagging a war on untrained innocent people sickens me, however I feel that terrorism against your own people, for eco reasons is one of the sickest means around.
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                          There are a few website for the Greenies that tell them how to rig up traps and where to do it.
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                            Originally posted by Cetrov
                            There are a few website for the Greenies that tell them how to rig up traps and where to do it.
                            which? where?
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                              I truly dont understand how sites like this are allowed to exist. When I first heard about it I forwarded the info to the Department of Homeland Security. I have since heard no reply and I see the site is still up and running.