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    The Rubicon Trail is very near and dear to Chris and I's hearts, as well as many of yours too, Iím sure. It is a very special place that we hope everyone can enjoy for many generations to come. But it canít stay the way itís become. Unfortunately the irresponsible wheelers out there have made it a hot topic, and have forced action to be taken, beginning with the closure of Spider Lake last year, the weekend of our annual Rubicon Trip.

    I had spoken to Del over the phone before we left last year, asking him what we could do. FOTR at that time was just an informal group, and was in the very beginning of formalizing it and making it a charitable organization, and The Rubicon Trail Foundation now up and running.

    That said, Iíve been following the stuff over on Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) and have donated and will continue to donate. Chris and I had the pleasure of meeting Del Albright at TDS...what a nice guy. He is passionate about keeping the Rubicon Trail open and accessible.

    After the Preliminary Rubicon Master Plan was given back to FOTR, they had to make some changes to it. The new Revised Master Plan is here, along with its cover letter

    Iíve personally thanked Del for his continuous efforts in keeping Rubicon open. If youíd like to see the Rubicon remain open, there are a number of things you can do. These things also apply to ANY trail you run.
    1. Pack it in, pack it out. This includes human waste. FIND a way to make it convenient for you to do!
    2. Remove trash. Even if itís not yours. Take what you can, always bring a few empty trash bags.
    3. Clean up any oil or automotive fluid spills!
    4. Stay on marked trails. No blazing your own in the wilderness.
    5. Report any illegal activity to the authorities, if you can. Be your brotherís keeper. Be Assertive. This includes illegal dumping, driving under the influence and reckless driving. Unfortunately, this small group of irresponsible wheelers is what people hear about. WE are not them.
    6. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products while on the trail. (Shampoo, soap and dishwashing liquid)
    7. Leave the trail cleaner then what you found it.
    8. Donate what you can to The Rubicon Trail Foundation or Blue Ribbon Coaliton. If you canít donate money, donate time. Any size donation is helpful and appreciated.

    Ill try to keep it updated with any news.

    Thanks for reading.

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