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Preliminary Rubicon Trail Master Plan


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  • Preliminary Rubicon Trail Master Plan

    It isn't pretty, but the draft has been published. There is a long way for this to go before it is implimented.

    You can only camp in designated areas..

    You have to pay a fee

    There are only 32 vehicles allowed to camp between Loon and Big Sluice (6 vehicle allowed at Ellis, 6 vehicles allowed on the Slabs, 22 total vehicles allowed in the spider/sluice area)

    Green Sticker and Licensed rigs only

    Lights out at 10:00
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    wow - that would sure cut down on the weekends in that area - but it is better than closeing it.

    Maybe people will start to realize that taking care of the places we wheel is pretty important.

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      Ive read the majority of the plan...

      Its being implemented in three doesnt sound all that bad in reality. They wont go to stage 2 or 3 if the problems are taken care of in stage one.

      This is still a proposal, l but heres some of it:

      There will be an initial limitation by reservation of 250 vehicles a day. You must pay a usage fee. There will be designated camping locations, which must be reserved. Youll be required to carry a RubiKit...Im not sure what the contents will be, but itll more then likely include a potty. Each camp site (Spider lake, Buck Island lake, Lower Sluice...etc, etc...) will have a limitation to how many can camp there...Im hoping that will stop some of the late night traffic and rowdiness that comes along with it.

      Im considering going up to Placerville for the next meeting on Jan 22nd...Might be nice to have a little showing from down south here...

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