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Fordyce Trail Cleanup


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  • Fordyce Trail Cleanup

    Contact: Keith Ratzburg
    (650) 461-7139


    Volunteers invited to the 3rd Annual Fordyce Creek Trail Cleanup

    8am Saturday October 9th
    Cisco Grove Campground

    San Jose (August 25, 2004) - The San Jose based Four Dice 4 Wheel
    Drive Club invites four-wheel drive enthusiasts to join them for
    their 3rd annual Fordyce Creek Trail Cleanup beginning at the Cisco
    Grove Campground located off of Highway 80 in the Tahoe National
    Forest on Saturday morning October 9th.

    According to Bret Preble, co-chair for the event, the 2004 cleanup
    will be a huge step towards keeping the trail clean and open to off
    highway vehicle travel for years to come. Projects include a major
    reroute of the trail, bypass blocking, and the possible removal of an
    abandoned vehicle. In addition to approving all of the trail work,
    the Nevada City Ranger District has been of great assistance in
    putting on the event.

    "This is the third year for our event," said Preble, "and it is seems
    to really be taking off. We have been receiving a huge amount of
    support from industry vendors, and organizations. Our club members
    really enjoy putting on this event, and it's for all the right
    reasons. People showing up not to four wheel, but rather to put in a
    hard day's work for the betterment of the trail and the surrounding
    environment. It is definitely the most important event on our

    This year's cleanup will kick off on Saturday morning to the smell of
    hot coffee and doughnuts. From there, the volunteers will be lead out
    onto the trail for a day's worth of back breaking work. Fallen trees
    will be moved to block bypasses that lead off of the main trail,
    rocks winched into position, garbage picked up, and more. When the
    work is completed, the volunteers will then return to the campground
    for a light lunch and a free raffle with gifts from contributing
    vendors and organizations.

    For more information about the 3rd Annual Fordyce Creek Trail Cleanup
    contact Keith at (650) 461-7139 or email
    1997 Jeep Wrangler