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feinstein is at it again


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  • feinstein is at it again

    On Tuesday October 10 there is a hearing scheduled for the public to make comments on three national monuments the feinstein wants for her legacy. Problem is they only gave a weeks notice about the hearing (typical government bs). We need as many people as possible to show up, on a work day, at 200 pm. Actually if you be on the road leading to the site by 1230 that would be awesome. I'll get exact location and post here right away. Please help if you can. We stand to loose massive amounts of desert lands to this rediculous government overreach.
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    Shannon Welch with Mark Matthews and11 others

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    KEEP PUBLIC LANDS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: PLEASE SHARE!! Need help getting this word out to anyone who is available to help in the Palm Springs area on Tuesday 10/13 at the Whitewater Preserve.

    Please NOTE: this is not a direct threat to Johnson Valley, but it is a threat to public lands. If the Antiquities Act can be used once, it can be used again to circumvent public Input!

    Next Tuesday, October 13th, there will be a public hearing for Senator Feinstein's request of President Obama to enact three national monuments using the Antiquities Act. The Senator, representatives from the Obama administration, Department of Interior, and other various agencies will be in attendance to hear what the public has to say. The only problem is they have provided less than a week's notice, and they are holding the hearing in a small, remote place that really won't allow for any public comment.

    As you know, it is wrong to circumvent the legislative process, and it's an abuse of the President's powers. We need all able bodies to stand in protest with signs on the 13th since this will likely be the ONLY public hearing, and let President Obama know the following:




    Say NO to Antiquities Act

    Keep Public Lands Open To the PUBLIC

    If possible, I urge you to head up to the Whitewater Preserve on Tuesday, October 13th. The preserve is located off of Interstate 10 just west of Palm Springs in the Whitewater area. The event takes place at 2:00pm, so if you could park on the road up to the preserve and have signs ready by 12:30pm, it would show Senator Feinstein and President Obama that you deserve a voice in the desert you use. Here is a link to the exact location:''/w...18!2d33.988366

    Thank you for trying to save OUR desert!

    PS: For those that can't make it, stay tuned for more information on how to contact representatives on legislation that could INCREASE and PROTECT OHV Land!
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      Congressman Paul Cook is also having a meeting on the 13th.

      Here's the details:

      It would be great if a lot of people show up.

      He also is proposing a better plan.
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        Well, I went but wasn't chosen to speak. It was a lovefest of environmentalists and publik sckool indoctrinated children. We were outnumbered about 5 to 1. The opposition was mostly miners but a fair number of off roaders from a couple of groups were there as well. I was initially opposed to even the legislative option and considered the off road groups participating to be traitors, but am slowly warming up to it for several reasons including the fact that CORVA told me they were very surprised to actually get more than they planned on asking for. I'm not totally convinced yet because I don't trust fineswine, but I am open to it. The monument designation, however, must definitely be fought tooth and nail! The off road groups that participated in the legislation have been slapped in the face by this. The only reference to off road trails is that "the trails will remain open until it can be figured out how to close them." Wow. This monument covers all the trails in Big Bear and 2 other locations, so you can kiss those goodbye if obummer does this. Here is a link for an email to send the tyrant in chief to oppose it.
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          Your link was copy/pasted from something that put "..." in to shorten it. In other words, it doesn't work. Can you please fix it for those of us that couldn't make the meeting?

          Are there "next steps" for fighting any of this?
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            Ops, thought I tried it. Try this, I know it looks the same but it works for me...

            As for further action, write, call, email, and especially FAX all of your kali representatives. They REALLY need to hear from you.

            Send money to off road groups like CORVA, Blue ribbon coalition. *Note* They are working on legislation to do almost the same thing the monument does but that takes off roading into consideration. The aforementioned groups were part of this negotiations which I'm still not sure I agree with. Call and talk to CORVA then make up your own mind!

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