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Resource management meeting / Lucerne, Cal / Sat, Aug 16th


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  • Resource management meeting / Lucerne, Cal / Sat, Aug 16th

    According to MuirNet there will be a meeting about changes in land use in Johnson
    Valley, at the Community center in Lucerne Valley. Located at 33187 Old Woman Spring road. Time 1300 to 1500

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      Johnson Valley meeting

      Went to the Lucerne meeting yesterday to hear what the Marines had to say. Had in my opinion the usual dingbats that don't listen, or come up with the most interesting comments. One person brought up about buried persons out in Johnson Valley. The Marines looked at him and said we have no knowledge of this. The person said well I want to be buried there. Okay???? Most wanted more notice of when these meeting were going to be held. Others were concern about scheduling their events, and conflicts with the Marine schedule of their events. A whole lot of ( what ifs ) , that didn't really make sense.

      The Marines will have an event, that will be held Sept. 6th , out at Johnson Valley, Means dry lake, starting at 0730 - 1100, that will allow you to participate in their selection of two sites. 1 site will be located near the Back Door trail. The 2nd site will be Located north of Means near the Dunes. And the 3rd site will be located South East of Means near the Hells Gate Trail head.

      As I understand it, they will stage two companies at these temporary, 22 acre sites. They will stage out of the East, an roll thru the valley near Hells Gate, and sweep north.

      They will schedule two 30 days exercises, and try to plan them 12 to 18 months in advance. At which time all of the area will be shut down to off road vehicles.

      This is a done deal, the law being passed by Congress. The law as I understand it gives them the rights to hold these area 365 days out of the year. The Marines didn't really want this. They only want it for temp exercises. Basically they can trump any event if they choose. I may be wrong, but it seems that the Marines are trying to be a good neighbor.

      So if you want to talk with them, the Marines, and offer your opinion, I would encourage you to go out on the 6th. I know that I will be there, Kevin.