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  • ::NEW:: !! Adopt-A-Trail information

    From now on, the SBNF AAT quarterly meeting dates and times will be posted here for anyone not currently in the program, but would like to be. There is a calendar specifically for AAT work and meetings, and the link to that calender will be posted here whenever there is a meeting. All you have to do in order to go to one of the meetings is sign up here:

    and then show up at the meeting. Quarterly meetings are held at the Sizzler steak house in Corona, CA. Address is
    [COLOR=#362B23]1461 S Rimpau Ave[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#362B23]Corona, CA 92879

    [/COLOR]The meetings start at 6 PM and run until 9 PM. Come out and have dinner with us and see what the program is about. It's a very friendly atmosphere and all are welcome.

    The San bernardino National Forest Adopt-A-Trail program is open to all parties that would like to do something to help keep our forests open and safe for everyone to enjoy. MJR has been involved in the AAT program for over 8 years, and the team has amassed many awards. That is sort of the icing on the cake; Trophies! But we get much more out of the program. A sense of pride and ownership in a program that is now nationally recognized as the leader in AAT programs nationally. A sense of pride in hard work and accomplishment, and of giving so that others can enjoy a natural resource that is very hard to maintain. There are many obstacles, and the challenges are great. But we have the support of the SBNF and a great liaison in Greg Hoffman, the leader of the SBNF AAT program and a long time resident of Big Bear. With his help many in the program have gotten certifications in equipment operation (chain saw, tractor and bulldozer, dump truck). Some have become even more involved in the program, going on to help with administration and other duties. Others simply enjoy the feeling of being out in the forest with friends, working on trails and other projects. It sounds like hard work, and some times it is, but it is always fun.
    So if you have been thinking of a way to get involved in land use issues, conservation and land stewardship, this is the place to go. It's all volunteer, and we all have families, lives and jobs, we all understand that and there is no pressure to show up at every meeting or work day. It's "give what you can, when you can", and it works very well.
    If you have any questions feel free to PM me or anyone else who has the AAT Volunteer symbol in their avatar (the black hammer symbol), or simply post it here.

    Happy trails.
    [CENTER][COLOR=#ff0000]Resistance Off Road
    [/COLOR]Join the Resistance...[/CENTER]

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    [CENTER][COLOR=#ff0000]Resistance Off Road
    [/COLOR]Join the Resistance...[/CENTER]


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      [COLOR="#800000"]Thanks Kurt! Would be great to see some new faces and wheel with a more diverse group![/COLOR]
      [COLOR="darkred"]"Death Smiles at Everyone... Marines Smile Back."
      Adopt-a-Trail Member.[/COLOR]


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        I just can't make it out there during the week without leaving work real early :-(
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