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  • Rattlesnake Canyon thread

    Tread Lightly!

    As an FYI: At least one OHV group, "MyJeepRocks" is actively working with the rancher and helping to create a signage program within the canyon to advise others of the Rules of the Road. If you want to contribute, stay tuned to "" which is in the process of being set up."

    When you guys are ready to put up those signs, please contact me so I can lend a hand.......Thanx, XJ_Phil
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    I don't quite follow you here. It seems as if you are addressing another forum than MJR. Please note that there already is a website called We (MJR) own it.

    Perhaps I'm reading this all wrong. Please clarify. thanks
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      I think that first part was a quote from somewhere else, and he's saying he wants to be involved and help to put the signs up.:dunno:
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