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  • Save Johnson Valley - White House Petition

    January 15th, 2013: JOHNSON VALLEY, CA: In the ongoing effort to Save the Johnson Valley OHV area, a new campaign has emerged to raise national awareness regarding the expansion of the 29 Palms Marine base onto public lands. Volunteers have created a petition on the White site ( with the hope of receiving formal recognition from the White House regarding The Johnson Valley OHV area. The White House has committed to responding to any petition that receives 25,000 or more signatures within a 30 day time frame.

    The petition specifically requests the White House to deny any request by the 29 Palms Marine Base to withdraw land from The Johnson Valley OHV area and use it for base expansion purposes. The title of the petition specifically requests the White House to: “Save the Johnson Valley OHV Area. Be fiscally responsible. Stop 29 Palms Marine base expansion. Keep public lands open.” This petition will need roughly 1,000 signatures a day to be eligible to receive a response from a White House representative.

    "We have made great strides forward in our fight to Save the Johnson Valley OHV Area” said Jeff Knoll, Off Road Business Association (ORBA) representative. “There was an amendment passed by Congress and signed into law by the President last month that requires the Marines to further investigate the economic impact the loss of this public land would have on multiple communities, but we need to do more", Knoll explains.

    The amendment's passing grants some reprieve from the Marine’s expansion initiative, however, it does not stop the expansion. In fact, the Secretary of the Navy is expected to release a formal Record of Decision any day announcing the Marines desire to move forward with existing expansion plans. The Marines current preferred plan means expanding the world's largest Marine Base by 160,000 acres, roughly the size of Singapore, and the public would lose over 100,000 acres of public land forever. Those opposed to base expansion argue that the expansion will cost tax payers millions and will have a negative financial impact on surrounding communities in the high desert.

    “We are hoping with this petition to raise the level of national discussion on this issue.” Said Dave Cole, founder of the King of The Hammers, a popular and growing motorsport event held annually in Johnson Valley. “1,000 signatures a day is an aggressive goal, but we’ve already submitted more than 22,000 letters directly to the Marines opposing base expansion, so we are confident we have the voices to make it happen. They just need to make themselves heard.”

    The petition has from January 15th to February 14th to gain the necessary signatures required to receive a formal response. The full petition is available at The petition will be searchable once it has reached 150 signatures. To learn more about the efforts to Save Johnson Valley, please visit:

    Short Link:

    If you don’t have an account, you will be required to sign up and you will get a confirmation email before you can sign.
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    Signed it and done. Don't forget to sign the petitions for saving our second amendment rights while you are there
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      Signed this afternoon. Also posted link on twitter so hopefully my Jeep related followers from around the country will also sign.
      Just remember..........that light at the end of the tunnel may be a muzzle flash.


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        Done. Thanks Russ.
        I'm curious to see what happens to this one. It got the necessary signatures.
        we petition the obama administration to:
        Recount the election!

        It has become blatantly obvious the voter fraud that was committed during the 2012 Presidential elections. In one county alone in Ohio, which was a battleground state, President Obama received 106,258 votes...but there were only 98,213 eligible voters. It's not humanly possible to get 108% of the vote!

        If ID laws had been enforced (which the administration is completely against because that meant they would lose) then this wouldn't be an issue.

        Recount NOW!

        Created: Nov 10, 2012
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          Signed and tweeted out. Thanks for posting it up Russ I was just reading this in an e-mail from Loren at Redlands Jeep. Now, onto Chucks quote above... I'd be interested to see that happen, but sadly democracy dies in dictators ships.
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            Originally posted by TipsE-Z View Post
            but sadly democracy dies in dictators ships.
            Only if we let it! We have to fight for our rights or they WILL be taken from us. That is what the 2nd amendment is all about!
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              Originally posted by RAT View Post
              Only if we let it! We have to fight for our rights or they WILL be taken from us. That is what the 2nd amendment is all about!
              Agreed 100%. But for now that's about all the more I'll elaborate on. I'll save the rest of my thoughts for a campfire chat.
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                Im pretty sure nothing actually happens. All they have to do is respond to it:

                The White House will convene a regular meeting with representatives from all of the major policy offices (like the National Economic Council, Domestic Policy Council and others) that will review petitions that have crossed the signature threshold for a response. This group will help determine which policy office in the White House or federal agency should review and respond to petitions and ensure that petition responses are posted as quickly as possible.

                We already presented Congress with a petition of 11,000 plus signatures. Im not sure what this petition will accomplish, I did however sign it because staying in their face is the right thing to do .
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                  signed it Kinda PO'd that I had to register with, but whatever.
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                    Originally posted by JeepGal View Post
                    Im pretty sure nothing actually happens.
                    Sad but true.
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                      Signed, #8679
                      Just need 16,321 more signatures. It only takes one minute to sign up and petition this. Please help!

                      Originally posted by RAT View Post
                      Only if we let it! We have to fight for our rights or they WILL be taken from us. That is what the 2nd amendment is all about!
                      I agree! Don't give up... fight for our rights!!!!
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                        [COLOR="#800000"]Did. Asking family members to do as well. Hehehehe nothing like peer pressure.

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                          Signed! With the 40,000 people that will be at KOH beginning Feb. there should be some way to have a blow out of signatures to make a pretty big statement? There's a big turnout in the dirt bike forums for this as well:thumbs_up:thumbs_up:thumbs_up
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                            491 more needed. Spread the word.
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                              We want this to keep going and see if we could meet the new 100,000 comment criteria.....just sayin'.