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GPS maping volunteers needed for so cal.


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  • GPS maping volunteers needed for so cal.

    I am writing to you in regards to the Cal4 Trail Mapping program. As you know the Forest Services and BLM are initiating a program to map every trial in the State of California. Their concept will be that if the trail is not on THEIR maps, then the trail is closed. We need to make sure that we have a complete inventory of every trail so that we can assure that the trails are on the governmentís maps and remain open.

    Our web form is up and running and we now need to have project managers from each club contact me as soon as possible. We need a project manager from each club to help manage the project. Can I get a volunteer from your club within the next few days? or 310-489-8251. I would appreciate it if someone from your club would contact me as soon as possible.

    The project manager is not expected to do all the work, just to manage or coordinate the efforts. It is recommended that the project manager to not do any of the mapping and only the drive some of the trials or none of the trails. The idea is for the project manager to split up the work as much as possible with as many people as possible so that each person is doing a little. The project managerís job is purely to coordinate the effort and follow up with each person to assure the work is getting done. This will be plenty of work in and of itself and will probably be the biggest job.

    We also want to collect information about each trail as to the significant landmarks and uses of the trail, so that in the event that the government considers closing a trail, we will have a war-chest of information about why the trail should be kept open.

    This is a very large job! Just my own personal estimation, but I believe there are over 10,000 trails in just the Southern District. We need the help of every Cal4 member if we expect to accomplish this task in time.

    We have created an information form on the internet that will make it easy to enter the information. This form can be printed out and carried on the trail so that the info can be penciled in and then keyed in when the four wheeler gets home. Go to, click on the TRAIL MAPPING link to the form. You can enter information on the form, or print out the form from this screen.

    As most of the clubs are in the city, and most of the trails are not, I attempted to assign clubs areas that were as close to them as possible. Obviously some of the areas assigned to some of the clubs will be a distance away because there are no clubs on the east side of California and we still need to map those areas.

    The project should take place in two phases.

    Phase one is to take maps of the area and key in all the information of trails that you can find on the maps. Find as many different maps as you can to cover the area. As you key in the information to the web site, the web site will be creating a data base file, which will plot the trails on our computerized maps. We will email you updated computerized maps on a regular basis so that you can see the trails you have already plotted. It takes a little time and work to get the maps back to you so you should mark the trails you are submitting on the latest update, until you get the next update.

    Phase two will be to drive each trail, filling in the missing info on the form. While driving the trails we should be looking for any intersecting or other trails that are not on the maps. We then need to map those trails.

    Please have the person who volunteers to be the project manager from your club contact me as soon as possible.

    Patrick Johansen

    1997 Jeep Wrangler