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Another MJR Success Story


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  • Another MJR Success Story

    A few days ago I ran into Billy Mitchell at the lumber yard here in Lucerne Valley. He is the Rancher that has the grazing rights to area around Rattlesnake Cyn.

    Before I go any farther with my meeting with him, I'd like to bring all of our newer members up to date with what was happening to him. A couple of years ago, we got word that Mr. Mitchell was having major problems with off roaders in Rattlesnake Cyn. A few of his cattle were even killed by off-roaders hauling ass through the canyon and running into his cattle. Fences were being cut and general mayhem.

    I was able to get a hold of him arranged a meeting with him to discuss what we could do to help him. He was distrustful of me and truthfully, I was a little wary of him also. Well there's no friendship that can't be built over a couple of beers and we soon hit it off.

    He laid out the problems he was having and I carefully listend to him. I asked him if he would give us (MJR) permission to help him. He agreed but he couldn't see how we could help.

    To make a long story short, here's what we did:

    1. Got the word out to all MJR members of his problems and asked the members to spread the word on other forums and clubs they were a member of and asked them to ask the other club members to spread the word to other forums and clubs.

    2. We created a website devoted to Rattlesnake Canyon:

    3. While on the trail we talked to other off-roaders about the problems and generally got a warm reception.

    Now back to my meeting the other day. Billy Mitchell wanted to let MJR know that he is truly thankful for our work on his behalf. He has almost no trouble now except for some motorcyclists.

    When you are on the trail and are near his ranch house, he may drive down to meet you and be a little gruff. Just tell him you are with My Jeep Rocks and you get a friendly cowboy smile.

    MJR is by far the best Off-road website in existance. But you all know that because I told you that when you joined! It's great to be a part of a group that makes a difference.
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    That's awesome Roger...maybe we should pack a couple of his favorite beers Nov 11th?!

    Cowboy up!
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      That's great news, Roger! Thanks for everything you've done there to help.

      IH8RDS, no drinking and driving
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        For the cowboy! Was meaning like a piece offering to him No worries!
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          Great to hear Roger, that is one of my favorite trails! Billy is a great guy and I'm glad we could help him out! I never knew you guys set up a website dedicated to Rattlesnake Canyon! It turned out awesome!!

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            Nice work guys and girl!
            Best, Maxwell
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