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BLM = Bureau of Land Closures? Help!


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  • BLM = Bureau of Land Closures? Help!

    Re-post of a re-post.

    Haven't seen it on MJR yet, so I thought I'd share. This was an e-mail sent to the SBNF OHV/AAT list that was apparently a repost from Parker 4 Wheelers:

    Originally posted by SBNF OHV/AAT Email (Dave Henry)
    Got this from Shane Miller Parker 4 Wheelers. They are also putting the
    15th annual Desert Splash on Nov12,13,14th for info go to there web site.

    3-4 years ago BLM requested from the local clubs to assist them with
    acquiring all the GPS coordinates to all the trails located in Havasu.
    They told us it was to "protect us from loosing our public land." The
    local clubs gladly accepted using their own GPS units and off road
    vehicles to drive BLM representatives through every trail in Havasu.
    This was all volunteer BLM did not financially assist anyone with this.

    Two days ago BLM held a meeting to close most of the off road trails in
    Lake Havasu City. They did not advertise until two days before that
    they were having a meeting, in the middle of August when most of our
    residence (winter visitors) would not be in town. They pushed the
    already set meeting from November to August without notifying us and
    probably hoped no one would show up. Local clubs found out about the
    meeting and showed up for the meeting only to find that they were giving
    us 30 days to "justify" why they should keep the trails open. The maps
    they provided were poor topo maps that had no GIS features on them what
    so ever (no streets, land marks or any other identifying marks). We
    were unable to determine what or where the trails were due to there
    being no GPS coordinates on the trail identifiers. We also asked them
    to identify why the identified trails were being closed and they could
    not provide us that information. When we asked them how to obtain that
    information so we could go justify trails that need to stay open they
    told us it would take "60-90 days to figure that out and they were not
    even sure if they could get us the information that we need to justify
    keeping our trails open. Mind you we only have 30 days to do this, did
    I mention the average temperature has been around 115-120 out here in
    Havasu during the time we have to complete this?

    We need all the help we can get, this ALL of OUR public land that we pay
    taxes to use and we are very close to loosing. This effects everyone,
    from the family who is riding bikes, quads, and side by sides to the
    hunter who is out trying harvest an animal on his/her dream hunt. What
    about the nature watcher or the geo-cacher? It affects us all, even the
    economy here in Havasu. Local gas stations, convenience stores, auto
    repair shops, off road shops, fabrication shops, motor cycle shops, etc.

    Is there anyway you can forward this email link to your members, family
    and friends? <> is assisting us by
    putting up a letter generator. What this does is it makes extremely
    simple for anyone to send Havasu BLM an email to let them know that they
    need to extend the Travel Management Plan from 30 days to more. All you
    have to do is click on the link and take one minute out of your day to
    let BLM know how you feel in your own words. This letter generator was
    set up from the same guys who helped save the Rubicon and they have
    offered to help us.

    Go here:

    Fill out the info here is an example of what I put in the letter.

    Dear Local On The Ground,

    I am writing to ask you to extend the comment and review period for the
    Havasu Travel Management Plan for 60 days beyond September 17. This
    additional time is important for proper review of the information and
    maps. for this process to be handled appropriately, everyone needs ample
    time to do a thorough study to make reasonable decisions instead of
    rushing because of a short timeline. An extended timeline will benefit
    everyone involved.


    Shane Miller
    Parker 4 Wheelers
    If we aren't supposed to eat animals, then why are they made out of meat?

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    This is getting completely out of control. Time to take a stand. Letters (plural) sent.
    [CENTER][COLOR=#ff0000]Resistance Off Road
    [/COLOR]Join the Resistance...[/CENTER]


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      Sent! Thanks for the update. We all need to stay vigilant.
      :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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        Letter sent. For the last couple of years, I have gone jeeping at Havasu 3-4 times per year. I have enjoyed the feeling of freedom out there from the numerous trails and (what I thought was) an off-road friendly mindset in the community.

        All of this land closure facing us is just another symptom of politicians (local and federal) thinking that they are above the people, forgetting that they are in fact the employees. If we don't fire them all we will eventually lose all our freedom. This is not about protecting land, it's about power and control.
        I continue to write letters, but I'm convinced it's just wasted time. There won't be a fix until our politicians are fixed.

        I'm mad about this, and depressed. I am afraid that the people will be eventually faced with the option of a violent revolution, or the loss of "The Land of the Free".

        I need to go home and take a nap now, before I say something I may regret (maybe too late).


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          mrthieba, don't lose hope. Good things are happening (things that we would agree are good), the media just doesn't cover them.
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            Comment period extended to 10/31

            Ask and ye shall receive. The comment period has been extended to October 31. The land managing agencies do listen. We just have to make ourselves heard. That is why we have to be ever vigilant in regards to Land Use issues.


            Release Date: 08/27/10
            Contacts: Mike Brown , 928-718-3756

            BLM Lake Havasu Travel Management Planning Comment Period Extended

            Lake Havasu City, Ariz. -The public comment period for the Havasu Travel Management Plan and Environmental Assessment has been extended to October 31, 2010.

            “Since our open house on August 18, we’ve received over 500 comments from the public for consideration when we prepare the Environmental Assessment for the Havasu Travel Management Plan,” said Bureau of Land Management Lake Havasu Field Manager Ramone McCoy.

            McCoy added that 88 people attended the open house and the BLM received many comments asking for the scoping period to be extended.

            The Assessment will evaluate all of the motorized and non-motorized routes of travel and their affected resources in the current inventory of existing routes in the study area. The Assessment will have three transportation route network alternatives designating each route as open, limited or closed. The Havasu Travel Management Planning area generally includes public lands in the Lake Havasu Field Office south of Interstate 40 (both sides of the Colorado River), extending to five to seven miles north of the Bill Williams River.

            Maps of the Havasu Unit can be reviewed online at or by contacting Myron McCoy, Outdoor Recreation Planner at the BLM Lake Havasu Field Office, 2610 Sweetwater, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406; Telephone (928) 505-1216.

            Public comments for consideration during the Environmental Assessment preparation need to be postmarked by October 31, 2010. Comments may also be faxed – (928) 505-1208 or emailed to


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              That's great!
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