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  • BLM Fees - Dumont - Johnson Valley - etc

    I wanted to go to Dumont this weekend but time/money restraints keep me closer to home. Went to El Mirage instead.

    At the entrance, a ranger was taking a survey. I got a chance to talk to her regarding their fees. The Barstow area BLM which includes El Mirage, Dumont, Johnson Valley, etc is planning to implement a fee for usage in these areas. All of these areas have been free in the past. From our conversation, I got the impression that they will try to set up an annual pass program of about $60 and a day use pass of $20. She basically stated that if you go more than 3 times per year, the annual pass would be the better deal. The pass would be good at any of the Barstow BLM office managed areas. This something similiar to the set up they currently have at Glamis.

    I hate the idea of paying for something that was free in the past but it sure beats having to shell out $20 each time you enter one of these areas.

    BTW - El Mirage was very crowded this weekend. I got a chance to try some of the trails at the edge of the park (incredible scenery and no people).
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    Yes, this is part of the "Mojave Desert Plan."
    There is a thread around here somewhere about it. Maybe it will help keep some of the people out who don't respect the areas--and make it better for the rest of us. I agree that the fee is rather steep, but I'd rather pay than have them close the area.
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      It will be nice if the fees are going to such things as more toilets and things. Little improvements and maintaining the place. Then I don't mind. (Their budgets are getting everything else that doesn't fly or make a big boom.)