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Dumont Dunes Fees Pilot Program for President's Day Weekend


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  • Dumont Dunes Fees Pilot Program for President's Day Weekend

    Dumont Dunes Implements Fee Program Fri Feb 6th 2004 - Greg Gorman

    For Release: February 5, 2004

    Contact: Mike Ahrens (760) 252-6047; Stephen M. Razo (909) 697-5217 CDD-04-21

    BLM to Implement Pilot Fee Program at Dumont Dunes

    In an effort to meet increasing demands for services and facility improvements, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will implement a pilot Recreation Fee Demonstration Program at Dumont Dunes, a popular off highway vehicle (OHV) recreation area north of Baker. Other OHV areas in the region will not be affected but will remain under consideration for fees in the future.

    Funds collected through the fee program will be used at Dumont Dunes to support and enhance recreation services which include increased maintenance of the access road, additional toilet facilities, enhanced and increased medical aid equipment and staffing, and increased law enforcement.

    To kick off the pilot fee program, fees will only be required on President's Day and Easter weekends. The fee is $20.00 per primary vehicle and/or camp site when purchased onsite at Dumont Dunes or $18 if purchased in advance from BLM or online. The Barstow Field Office is located at 2601 Barstow Road, Barstow, CA and the online site is . Over the next few months, BLM will analyze data and feedback in preparation of implementing the fee demo program for the new season beginning in October 2004.

    "Visitation at Dumont Dunes has been steadily increasing," said Linda Hansen, California Desert district manager. "The fees are necessary to offset projected budget reductions and ensure that BLM continues to provide quality services for our visitors."

    Congress authorized BLM to initiate the Recreation Fee Demonstration Program in 1996 in order to keep pace with the rising costs of managing recreation sites. The Act (PL 104-134) further designated the California Desert District as a fee demonstration collection site.

    "BLM has done extensive outreach with our various visitor groups, elected officials, and other interest groups," added Hansen. "Our constituents understand BLM's fiscal constraints and the need to initiate a fee demo project to maintain the quality of the recreational experience at Dumont Dunes."

    For more information on the pilot fee demonstration program at Dumont Dunes, contact Mike Ahrens, BLM Barstow Field Office, (760) 252-6000 or email:

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    I'd rather they implement fees than close the area. But it still sucks.
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      Yeah me too...but I wish they had given more notice. They only put it out on the 5th and you couldn't pre-purchase your pass at the reduced rate unless you live near Barstow.


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        Does that fee apply for day use? $20 for just visiting seems steep. I can understand $20 for a campsite but there should be something for day use only.


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          Yeah, it's steep if you won't spend a good chunk of time there. They're planning on everyone probably staying all through the long weekend.
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