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El Mirage will charge entry


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  • El Mirage will charge entry

    From the CORVA website:
    'Jan 9, 2008

    New Fee Schedule for El Mirage OHV Area has been postponed

    Starting October 1, 2008 there will be user fees charged at the El Mirage OHV Area. The fees are as follows:

    $15 for a daily pass
    $30 for a weekly pass
    $90 for a season pass

    You can purchase your pass on-site or contact the Barstow Field Office at (760) 252-6000 for a list of off-site vendors.'

    $15 seems high to me for a day pass, but Fearless' Folly is a good time. I think that I will need to make several excuses to run the trail before Oct. 1st.

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    It's just like Glamis and got too popular with people who don't clean up after themselves and trash the place. So now everyone has to pay a fee for them to hire people to pick up the trash, keep the place clean, and the people safe.

    One good thing, is the rangers that are around keeping people from doing stupid riding quads without helmets!

    I wonder if there is a way to get an annual pass that is good for all of the Southern California OHV areas???? I know they have one for the would be nice to have one for the OHV areas too!


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      let me know when you want to do another sunday run and im in
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        Some of the Roughwheelers are going on the 25-27 Jan to run the trails and blaze some new trails
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          Since I wussed on the last run I need to get out there and run the trails you guys are working so hard to make. Although, it wasn't all bad. I got to sit seat ornament with Desert Jewel
          I guess if folks don't clean up after themselves, we'll have to pay to play. I don't think it was bad out there though; I saw little in the way of trash, and only one abandoned truck, which Chuck took to posing on.

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            If they are going to charge fees, that fee should be reasonable for the service provided. $15 per day sounds like $2.00 for services, and $13.00 for administrative costs(AKA profit). My opinion


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              well if it goes anything like forest adventure pass to fishing license it will increase overtime. i went an ran the fearless folly way to many motorcycles for me. it was a dust fest. fearless folly was weak imo. but to each there own.
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                An entry fee sounds like a good idea; I participated in the El Mirage clean up last spring and the areas around the campsites and rest rooms were a mess! Since El Mirage is BLM land, I hope that the annual federal interagency pass can be used for the entrance fee:
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                  Russ, I was wondering the same thing and have been researching it, but pretty much hit a dead end. I sent an email asking if they have an annual pass for all the OHV areas in SoCal or if they are thinking of offering such a thing. Will let you know what I find out.