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Want to go beat up an 03 Rubicon?


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  • Dukes69
    WTF WTF WTF!!! They're not coming here!!! Ohhhh I know . . . its cause we like to play on ROCKS . . . Big Fu(kin' Rocks!!!

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  • sarah
    started a topic Want to go beat up an 03 Rubicon?

    Want to go beat up an 03 Rubicon?

    "Route 2003 is a national free test drive event that will soon be pulling into a town near you. We're setting up a specially designed off-road course so you can drive the latest Jeep vehicles including the mightiest Jeep 4x4 ever built-Wrangler Rubicon. And since this is not a sales event, the only obstacles you'll find will be on the course, not in the passenger seat trying to get you to buy.

    But there's more to this event than conquering steep inclines and imposing boulders. From rock climbing to mountain biking, Route 2003 is designed for the whole family.

    For more information call 1.866.Route.03, or register now and we'll let you know when we're in your area."