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Got Caught topless in the rain today


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  • Got Caught topless in the rain today

    We we're in hickory hollow today(Antioch,TN) heading back fom the mall,when i heard the thunder and saw 6 seperate strikes of lighting lunge downward from the sky.That's when i realized"ah man i left the door windows and the back windows at home,well to make a long story short we went about 3 miles freezing and wet,and finally found a gas station with a awning that we pulled under till it passed,but it was pretty fun;we were laughing the whole way through the rain and coldness, so it was an experience never to be forgotten in the Jeep,just thought i'd share my stupidity and humorizm with you guys,so you guys can remind me don't leave the fort without cover.:yay:

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    Getting caught in the rain every once in a while is part of the fun
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      sounds awesome! when we were heading out to tahoe from the rubicon we got caught in HAIL with just bikini tops on! eeek! those .89 wal-mart ponchos kept us from getting too wet tho ... gota love the jeep!
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        I had to get in on this post.

        When I lived in CO, we were taking my grandparents to the continental divide. Well, there 4 good size boys in my Jeep (including myself). We got most of the way up, and it started snowing on us. Needless to say, we didn't turn around, but instead, turned the back seat around so that my brother and his friend were kinda under the bikini top. We had some jackets and blankets, so it wasn't too bad for all concerned.

        It was an experience, and yes, I would do it again.

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