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  • three word thread - digest pages 1 - 17

    {This is a recap of the three word thread pages 1 through 17. Do not post here, this is just a consolidated post}

    you really should
    drive your Jeep...
    to the mall ...
    then lower it...
    get lottsa chrome...
    in the nude
    in the winter
    My Jeep Rocks
    with no top
    only in california!
    In Big Bear
    Kaff is legal
    W T F
    Dont Remind Chris
    He's not barefoot
    he's wearing socks
    Are you drinking?
    yes, of course!
    She yelled as
    as it went
    slithering down the
    firm and oily
    pole in the
    smoke filled room
    Bob Marley Concert
    whats that smell
    Its Chris' Ass
    you must know
    cant stand it
    that it stinks
    In my Jeep
    guess it's time
    to go to
    the qwikie mart
    because i can
    buy porn now
    and stay home
    but sometimes I
    rip one out
    and blame it
    on Jill the
    Little Rat Dog
    She is not
    mine is though
    small and furry
    but needs shaving
    every other day
    to keep the
    fleas of her
    hairy ass, and
    in the jeep
    she balanced
    in the desert
    so help me
    with my beer
    its getting warm
    grab some ice
    and a mug
    pour on Dukes69's
    W T F!
    did Erik do
    with my cigar?
    dont look in
    Sarah's chartreuse purse
    you might find
    a little yapping
    large battery operated
    music filled iPod
    playinf, aerosmith PINK
    to much dismay
    the stupid MAC
    started to smoke
    and spew large
    data chunks out
    shooting corrupted signals
    squealing into my
    favorite koi pond
    where the cat
    urinates with such
    a fiery blast
    that I can't
    begin to comprehend
    so I rolled
    the hamster around
    until it puked
    while Dukes60 waited
    with a bucket
    yo mama is
    not to sure
    when she dropped
    you on your
    big egg shaped
    extremely hairy bellybutton
    which was leaking
    smelly slimey green
    deep fried tofu
    that he thought
    looked like Jebus
    was whale snot
    everyone LOL'd until
    I peed my
    new orange knickers
    and the opened
    a pack of
    fruity red starburst
    which were moldy
    yet bitter sweet
    from being left
    in a jar
    of pickle juice
    and pickled herring
    and cod oil
    because it tastes
    like a juicy
    warmed over roadkill
    hightop converse sneaker
    like my Ex
    wife's boyfriend's crusty
    who was totaly
    smashed from the
    party of sarah
    where the pool
    made evryone cold
    and wanting to
    drink more beer
    before turning the
    pool into a
    port a john
    when I went
    to scratch my
    doggie named jill
    whose cold wet
    little red hat
    went rolling down
    with its wheels
    spinning and spinning
    out of control
    like a broken
    hummer rim going
    to be mounted
    with duct tape
    around dukes69's ass
    but his ass
    erupted a loud
    thunderous gaseous emission
    that choked off
    The gerbal he
    had in his
    coat pocket when
    petting his giraffe
    named Pepe who
    bit him on
    the fleshy part
    of his sack
    after throwing the
    ballerina dress over
    the blacony rail
    behind the pink
    satin lace panties
    that Dukes69 took
    off his wildebeast
    to dance naked
    under the moonlight
    on Holcomb Creek
    with open diffs
    and flat tires
    and obnoxious children
    screaming from the
    steaming pot of
    boiling oil poured
    into their nostrils
    "owch" they cried
    by the fire
    and orange striped
    Bass lurking under
    from their inflamed
    orific poured cheesy
    leftover chicken soup
    combined with black
    nonferrous metallic particles
    eyed peas smashed
    between their toes
    and oozed upwards
    as bees buzzed
    towards the open
    unsuspecting mouth of
    the nubile young
    beaver who sat
    elongating its neck
    so it could
    hawk up pjlegm
    onto Dukes69 bare
    hairless, wrinkled sclap
    making it glisten
    like a pile
    of melted M&M's
    which melt in
    your nose if
    you don't blow
    in nailers ear
    but look out
    he just might
    shave his chicken
    throwing the fur
    into the air
    for Chris L
    armed with sprayglue
    and bags to
    make a hairpiece
    with the fur
    and porcupine needles
    so his mohawk
    with purple spikes
    and mouse traps
    with dead mice
    would stand out
    like Sarah's smile
    whe she is
    sucking down slurpee's
    by the pool
    wearing a thong
    and high heels
    riding a unicycle
    around the jacuzzi
    with a drink
    of purple hue
    and bad smell.
    To my surprise
    it was vodka
    with a twist
    of plum wine
    the she slipped
    and lost her
    balance on the
    enormous mutant cockroach
    that was chasing
    my overzealous dachshund
    that's bigger than
    Tam's abcessed toenail
    which looks like
    my Ex wife's

    [sign]nlm mln[/sign]