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15/215 bypass


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  • 15/215 bypass

    Anyone know of a jeep friendly way around the 15/215 interchange. I heard a rumor that there is a fire and the interchange is closed. Can you cut through Lytle Creek?
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    15/215 in devore? or 15/215 in murrieta?
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      From the SigAlert: The Cajon pass northbound is closed.

      15 North Past Kenwood Av SigAlert - Lane Closure 10:57 AM
      All North Lanes Shut Down Due to Brush Fire-Unknown Duration 10:57 AM
      Duplicate of Incident 0568 D1004 10:59 AM
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        devore sorry. Checked cal trans and it doesn't seem that bad. But still wondering if there is a bipass for future acts of nature. thanks
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          Originally posted by Ben
          devore sorry. Checked cal trans and it doesn't seem that bad. But still wondering if there is a bipass for future acts of nature. thanks
          Seems that the sigalert has been cancelled. Rick knows a "shortcut," he will probably chime in here.
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            The sigalert is back on.

            15 North Past Kenwood Av Report of Fire 10:42 AM
            Thomas Guide Map Coordinates: Page 515, Grid 4A
            Fire Moving Rapidly 10:43 AM
            Fire is Request All North Lanes Closed 10:43 AM
            Reference Duplicate Incident 0567 D1004 10:45 AM
            75-S1 Copies 10:47 AM
            75-S1 Advise to Get Cal Transition to Responding Out with Truck Signs and Cones 10:49 AM
            5-K12 Advise He is Going On Scene and Will Begin to Shut Down Traffic Lanes 10:49 AM
            5-K12 Has All Lanes Shut Down at Kenwood, If Need Be Can Take Vehicles off at Kenwood-Fire is on East Side of Freeway 10:51 AM
            10-4 10:51 AM
            5-K12 Request Next Unit to Come on Scene-Block Kenwood On Ramp to North 15 10:52 AM
            Could You Please Activate Board Signs to Advise North 15 at Kenwood is Shut Down 10:54 AM
            5-H82 Advise Winds Coming F/north 10:55 AM
            Reference Duplicate Incident 0582 D1004 10:59 AM
            Same Direction As the Freeway 10:59 AM
            5-H82 Advise Fire Does not Appear to Spread Across Freeway Fire Moving in a Southerly Direction 10:59 AM
            Need Cal Transition Supervisor to 98 With 75-S1 on Kenwood Off Ramp 11:02 AM
            Could You Please Advise on Message Sign That North 15 is Shut Down at Kenwood 11:03 AM
            Issue Sigalert 11:08 AM
            CHP Unit on Scene 11:10 AM
            Request 2 Unit to North 15 11:13 AM
            If Amr Goes to the Road Block-Will They Be Able to Pass 11:14 AM
            They Are not on a Emerg Call-They Are Doing a Critical Care Transport 11:15 AM
            CHP Unit on Scene 11:16 AM
            S1 is 97 with Caltrans Just North of Kenwood in Center Divider-Coupe 11:17 AM
            Per S1 Closure Will Be North 15 Will Have to Go to South 215-If Traveling North on 215 They Will Have to Go South 15 11:17 AM
            To Access the Area 11:19 AM
            75-C Request Air Unit for Assist 11:19 AM
            Try Them on Cellular Phone Phone 11:21 AM
            No Response H82 on Trq 11:21 AM
            S10 Advised Scales Are Avail If Needed-L1 Copies 11:21 AM
            Per S1 Fire Advised ETA About 1 Hr for Closure at this Point 11:22 AM
            North 15 Closed to 215 11:23 AM
            Concern of Fire Jumping the Freeway 11:25 AM
            Per 75-C About 1 Hr for Closure 11:25 AM
            Info for Vv 11:26 AM
            Scales to Keep 1 Lane Open Right Shoulder for Vehicles to Get Thru 11:27 AM
            Message/Item Delivered Cajon Scales to Keep the North 215 /15 Lane Open for Fire Dept to Get Thru-They Will Advise Sgt 11:29 AM
            Message/Item Delivered 5-is 10 11:32 AM
            Message/Item Delivered 125-L and 125-Cm 11:33 AM
            Telephone H82 on the Cellular Phone Phone, Left Voicemail 11:33 AM
            Not Responding for H82 on Inland Blue 11:34 AM
            H82 Will Monitor Copper 11:35 AM
            Per Turq--H82 Has Someone with Them, They Will Drop Off//will Be Then Respond---H82 Will Be Monitoring Copper 11:36 AM
            34 11:40 AM
            23 and P1 Has North 215 at 15 Closed 11:43 AM
            34 and 11 Has North 15 at 215 Closed 11:43 AM
            H82 is Request G California Department of Forestry Aircraft Frequencies-Please Advise for H82-They Regarding En Route to Fire 11:44 AM
            Can Caltrans Close Down Devore Off Ramp 11:44 AM
            To Relieve the Traffic in Devore 11:45 AM
            H82 Advised ETA 5-9 Mins 11:48 AM
            When H82 in Area, Contact Kenwood Air Attack on the Air-to-Air Freq 11:48 AM
            Victor Freq 118 *950, Air-to-Air 169 *150 11:48 AM
            California Department of Forestry is Asking for the Designator for H82, Thanks 11:49 AM
            Per S1 Request Copper on Min Traffic 11:54 AM
            Pl Tone 11:57 AM
            V Frequency 118 *950 12:00 PM
            Per 75-C with in Next 10-15 Will Probably Open #1 12:02 PM
            Per S1 1 12:13 PM
            Give Word and Will Bring Up Traffic Slowly on 15-Will Cont Traffic on 215 Until Traffic Clears a Lil on 15 Per 75-L1-75-S1 Copies 12:25 PM
            75-S1 Wants to Advise Division That Opening Up 15-Still Diverting Traffic on 215 12:27 PM
            34 Setting Up to Bring Up Next Phase 12:31 PM
            11 Advised at Sierra to Bring Group Through 12:31 PM
            L1 to Move Traffic on North 15 12:32 PM
            Per L1 1 12:34 PM
            Per S1 Will Be Delays Due to Traffic Back Up 12:38 PM
            This is Under Control-Clear Min Traffic on Air 12:41 PM
            Bnsf Inquire If Fire is a Threat to Rr Tracks-Advise Not 12:48 PM
            CHP Unit on Scene 12:49 PM
            215 now Open 12:56 PM
            23 Will Handle Closure 1:02 PM
            Need Unit to North Palm On Ramp Due to Vehicles Driving Wrong Way on On Ramp 1:08 PM
            P2 En Route to Handle Palm On Ramp 1:10 PM
            Disregard P2 Traffic is Moving now
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