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Resume, Lean Manufacturing Executive in Arizona


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  • Resume, Lean Manufacturing Executive in Arizona

    After taking a break I am now gearing up my job search.

    Here's what I do:
    I am a creative and dynamic manufacturing executive with a passion for lean manufacturing.

    My experience spans international companies from high volume disposables to capital equipment manufacturing.

    I offer over 20 years of experience in medical device manufacturing and have achieved dramatic results implementing Toyota Production System, and Six Sigma manufacturing techniques.

    My goal, is to add value in a progressive organization, by applying lean manufacturing principles.
    Please feel free to forward to great companies.

    Visit my website for more info

    Thanks guys.
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    I had not heard much about Lean Manufacturing since I left my last command in the Navy. We did a lot of Lean workshops, and ended up in saving the Navy and the U.S. Taxpayers lots of money.
    At last count, we had saved the Navy over 100 million over the life of the Hornet and Super Hornet engine repair. We also decreased the amount of time needed to repair/rebuild an engine from over a month, to less then two days.
    Those savings are allowing the Navy to buy 2 extra Super Hornets.

    So, good stuff.

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      Lean is the most effective production system yet devised.

      It is fascinating to me how the principles have been successfully applied in other industries.
      "your jeep looks so hot!!"