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Bay Area Jeepers?


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  • Bay Area Jeepers?

    Hey, the wife and I are headed up the coast on Labor Day weekend. We're gonna hit Alcatraz and a couple of shops she's been looking at online, but we've got lots of free time. If anyone lives up there and has any other ideas of things we might want to be sure to take in I'd be open for anything. She's a crafty/artsy girl, so museums are of course in the plans. We're not taking the Jeep, as she's not too trusting of it just yet on long trips (we've had problems before.) We're definately hitting the warf for some seafood, um... and the normal touristy stuff (bridge, gardens, china town, alcatraz, etc.) but I wondered about the things ya don't see in the brochures that's interesting. Heck, dinner with other MJR's can probably be arranged. We're leaving on Wednesday so reply quick as we wont have computers when we travel.
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