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How was the fireworks display?


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  • How was the fireworks display?

    Where'd you go? What'd you see?

    Saturday we were at the Perris Raceway with Tam & Chris watching the sprint cars race. Afterwards there was a fireworks show which I thought was cool because it was set to music!

    Monday night Rick and I took Jill and went to Apple Valley's fireworks. Rick navigated through the back streets and got us a box seat right before the show started. I thought it was cool because the fireworks started 3 fires!

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    Fireworks were cool. I watched em from my hot tub. They launch em from a field at the end of my street.

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      starting fires

      every year they try to burn down Mt Rubideaux in Riverside during the 4th fireworks display. This year they got a jump on it, seems as they were setting up the fireworks the mount caught on fire. and they had to get out of there till it was put out. I guess it is a private Riverside Joke as to why that is so funny.
      I usually have to stay home, seems Barker goes nuts durring the fireworks season so I stay and keep him calm. but we live less than a mile from a display and I can watch it from home.
      Now last night I was going down the freeway and was wondering where in Casa Blanca ( a neighborhood in Riverside) they were holding a display. Well as I passed I noticed the fireworks were coming from a broad area, so it seems that the entire neighbor hood was celebrating with fireworks and were putting on a bigger display than some of the professional shows. The police do not really go down that area to patrol real heavy, if you remember about 12 years ago they sent a helecopter to check out a loud party and the party goers shot it down. They really thow a party in Casa Blanca.
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        Went down to the beach about a mile south of the pier. The display would've been nice, axcept the wind was blowing our way, so many of the fireworks were shrouded by the previous fireworks smoke... so, it wasn't that great. Oh well, was nice to be with family.

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          We perched ourselfs on top of the Jeep on the Raingler net, on top of a 5 story parking lot to watch the fireworks go up into the fog. But not all was lost, a group of teenagers had the same idea with a back-up plan, a bunch of their own fireworks that we enjoyed too.

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            We can see the Temecula show from our upstairs bedrooms, so we set up camp up there and had a nice BBQ with friends.
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              I don't remember anything after nightfall and I'm happy with that.
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                Does stars from your head hitting a fender after the breaker bar breaks count for fireworks?? If so i saw them in my garage. LOL LOL.. Was trying to break a nut loose on the axle of my daughter car and the part that goes in the socket twisted off puttting my face into the fender.. OUCH!!
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                  City of Lakewood show Sat night, show after the Dodger game Sunday night, block party in lakewood Monday night. Good news - fireworks are legal in Lakewood. Better news - nobody bothers with the legal stuff

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                    I walked out my front door and watched the ones from the Victor Valley Fairgrounds, couldn't see most of it due to trees. Even tried sitting on "Marvin" that didn't help!! A housing track (Spring Valley Lake) was to put some on and that's straight in front of my house, but couldn't see those at all this year. The blasted trees grew bigger :sad:
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                      I packed ~22.5 miles along Fish Creek in the White Mountains (south/east AZ). Started in Hannagan Meadow and ended up at the Black River....then back to where I started. Very cool trip with some people I have not been able to visit with in a long time. Also nice to find running water in AZ this time of year (of course, we were at ~8000').
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                        I didn't see any at all....I was at work. Oh well, I got paid twice for one day
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